Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of an Era

Dear Peas,

Usually I know exactly how to start a Press Release.. this time I’m having difficulties.
MadPea has been in Second Life since 2008 and during that time we have done so much that I get overwhelmed with emotions when thinking back.

May 31st will go down as one of the biggest days in the whole history of MadPea.
ALL current games that MadPea has on the grid will be blown up... all that will be left are ashes and dust..  and many precious memories.

We’re saying goodbye to our MadPea Carneval that has entertained you for 7 months with evil thrills, rides and games. We’re letting the Carneval ghosts loose and the Cthulhu to demolish and take what’s rightfully his.

We’re saying goodbye to Sid Mallock and let him cause Kaaos Effects in another dimension. We sure hope we can travel back and forth in time with him again one day. We’re letting Reaction produce its final fireworks and then mash that lab into pieces with the hammer. Storybook Stories will live down in the memory lane alongside with the Tunnel of Doom, The Spider, Shock Therapy, Gulliver and many more.

We will trap the wandering lost souls inside the Escape the Rooms and set them on fire.. burning away the years of true passion, tears, laughter, sweat and love that were poured inside them.

The demons from the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will roam the barren lands and slay anything that gets in their way. Sure hope you managed to grab the treasure in time!

During these 5 years I have created something truly unique and amazing in Second Life that many tried and either gave up or didn’t succeed with. I have grown as a person in a way that I wouldn’t have even thought was possible. MadPea started as a fun little thing to do.. but now it has a life of its own and we’re making sure that it gets to grow up to do amazing things!

I’m humbled by the talented people around me, who have been there to ignite the light of their creativity and pour that fire into MadPea. The determination and constant support of this collaboration has formed us into a family, such a tight family that we are OK with doing this, we are OK with letting go of the old because..

From the ashes and dust rises a brand new MadPea bigger and better than ever before.
Whole new games with immersion never seen before are on their way. We are creating together with the best of the best to take SL by a huge surprise.

To make these plans a reality and allow us to focus on creating, we must raise funds to keep our islands going. Amazing creators have donated exclusive items to our Raffle Boards to help us out. Some are one of a kind items meaning that you will be the ONLY person in SL with this product. There will also be items coming from us from past hunts.

Join the Raffle Boards or Donate to the Beggar MadPea. 
You can do this until June 1st.
All proceeds go into making sure that we can keep bringing you Madness for years to come.

Any Donations can also be made directly to

MadPea Resident

To celebrate MadPea, we are arranging a huge Demolition party, which will be 48 hours of non-stop madness in the form of great entertainment, music, and a lot of action!

Fire and smoke rise on the dark horizon as the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! The army has been called forth. The zombies are on their way. May 31st at approximately 12pm slt they will make their way into the Carneval. Grab your gear and prepare for your survival. Run and hide or stay and fight that is up to you. Dj's and hosts will make sure that you won't miss out on anything!
The Funhouse is closing - for now.
Come and celebrate our old games and help us create new memories.

Sincerely with love,
Kiana Writer
on behalf of the whole MadPea Crew


  1. Thanks for all the great projects and memories! I wish you best of luck for your future projects.

  2. You can't imagine how my heart dropped reading this news....and thankfully, I had the patience to read it in its entirety...You and your team are, in my opinion, the best creative game platform within secondlife ....you have provided entertainment, and challenging gaming platform within the framework that is secondlife, I am happy to note that this is not goodbye...but rather ... " we're coming back stronger, better and with many surprises " .. staying on board for the ride. Riviera Medier.