Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting Artist Harter Fall

We met Harter at LEA sim, that would be Local Education Authority right? wrong, it stands for Linden Endowment for Art. Thank you Linden, for giving free sims to artists. We wonder if we are arty enough for free sim, but then we havn't seen art like this before.

Harters art work is fantastic, we look on in wonder at his latest project "The Order of Perception" in the distance is a beautiful dome shaped building, the temple. This project is still under construction, we cannot wait to see the finished article.
In front of us stand 3 monks.

"These are Multi Demensional Monks, they open portals to other dimensions and universes in the temple" Harter explained.
 "Thats the little story around the illusions I show here, the portals send you to skyboxes above,"

 We walked into the Temple of "The Order of Perception" the picture explains it best, because you actually see what we saw for the first time. We feel it is breathtaking both architecturally and in an ethereal sense.

Still if this was role play and someone was bringing our character to the temple for judgement this could be terrifying. Imagine those chairs filled with throngs of people looking down on you, baying for your characters life. Yes this beautiful temple has both beauty and fear entwined within every sculpted prim. Can you honestly believe how beautiful and glossy the prims look. We where mesmerised, by Harters skills and imagery to put this together. Each window was semi translucent stained glass with three circles spelling out the purpose of this temple a transportation chamber to other worlds.

Your probably wondering what all this has to do with Sanity Falls, well we can tell you this. Imagine being transported to a place where you have no memory of what happened to you or practically who you are. Then imagine trying to leave that place and being transported to another place. A dream scene, a place that conjures up nightmarish fears and images that are all too real to player if they suspend belief as they try to win the game. Perhaps Harters "The Order of Perception" is just like what you can expect in Sanity Falls, there again perhaps it is nothing at all like the serenity of this beautiful temple.
In his own words Harter said this "I love to play with perception, so I was asked to build the dreamscenes for the game. The player will experience "backflashes" and will end up in a dreamscene, which is surreal and dreamish. The scenes will be large scale landscapes, using the technology of  360°  panoramic projections used in secondlife, like nightmares, each scene with its own moods,"

Harter transported us to an empty plain, and after some time we studied the masterful piece of art work. No wonder he wins prizes for  his art work. At first glance its just some matchsticks walking across a book, but when the Artist explains what it means, you see it for what it is.

" it shows how we ... 99% struggle in our lifes working all for the richest 1%,  burning out for them"
Look at if for yourself, [insert link here] because the picture can never do the art work justice, it can tease you but please do visit his gallery.

Harter took us to another gallery now this is one huge illusion in itself. In real life we fear heights and in second life, its taken us a long time to get used to life in the sky. So when we saw how the lights hang under the floor, how black the floor is, yes we where a little afraid to walk across the expanse of blackness to study his art forms. Having Harter there helped because he wouldn't be standing on thin air would he?
Harters Gallery

Is this what the unwary victim/player of Sanity Falls is going to experience, dark floors in the dreamscapes, and fear of the unknown, each tentative step holding their breath moving slowly afraid the floor might just open up. Its happened before, at Peatonville Asylum the floor just fell away, plunging the player into an under ground chasm, could the creators be that cruel again? Anything could happen in the MadPea Games "Sanity Falls".

From one dark illusionary room, with a state of the art illusionary masterpiece to another dark room with yet more masterpieces to study and admire. .....
If you are on fire storm and you do visit please follow these instructions.
1. Go into Develop Menu
2. Find the rendering tab
3. uncheck the "automatic alpha masks (non deferred)
 In doing this you should be able to see Harters illusions at their best.

Would be interesting to see some of these in Sanity Falls dreamscapes scenes, the only way to show you is via photos, or for you to visit Harters Gallery to see them for yourself and if you love them that much, buy them and amuse your friends.

We talked about Escher and his perceptual drawings and illusions, we discovered that we share a fondness for Escher, and it was Escher that helped Harter to realise his dream in second life and in the real world. He showed us more of his art work and the awards he had been presented with.

We wanted to know more about the art work called Risen.
So Harter explained  "well the risen is whatever you see  just forms for your phantasy,"
We commented that we saw odd things, like spidery forms, could it be another fear looming, we don't like spiders much!
Harter laughed "like a rorschach figure,"

He showed us another one, this one is fascinating, we think they all fascinating.
Harter "this one here, if you stare at it a while, it changes the rotation direction"
It does indeed and this one could probably induce sleep, its so relaxing, Harter said some of his pieces are meditative.

The Medussa, we mention this briefly because if you stare at it too long it can induce seizures, we won't look at that one for too long, but it really is fascinating, seems to be hollow inside of course its an illusion. 

We discussed light scripting and illusion, what makes the things he make "tick" of course a true magician never reveals his tricks so why should Harter tell us everything about these magical toys of his, these would look great in executive offices of second life. Homes too, I thought second life fountains where beautiful but when you see these, these are something else. Are any of these or something similar likely to be in the dreamscenes of Sanity Falls?

No one knows yet what Harter may add to those dreamscapes, we are hoping that we can show you a little sneaky peek of the work that Harter and the builders behind Sanity Falls create, but whether we will, depends on MadPea Games productions. Will we drop any clues or hints right here in the blog? that would be telling, we just don't know.

As we have said before Sanity Falls production is all a bit of mystery, its unravelling slowly and we will try to bring you the latest information as it arrives. Right here on MadPea Games blog so don't go too far, come back soon and read more exciting things about Sanity Falls.  What exactly is Sanity Falls? its a game and its beginning to look a like building on the MadPea location. If you want more information follow us, here, twitter and facebook. Catch the Peas on second life, ask but we may not tell, sssh its all very secret and your in on it right here with exclusive access to the behind the scenes creators and artists.

Thanks to Harter Fell for showing us around his gallery, his world, explaining the illusions that he has created from prim to sculpt, to prim and back again. We really do want you to see this gallery for yourselves though, share the wonder and take a piece home.
By Rowanessque Whitewood.

* Escher
Official site of the perceptual illusionist called Escher.
* Rorsarch 

as with all personality tests, don't take them seriously, they are standardised interpretations, and really only analyse what your thinking about at the time and not the real you. Have fun by all means.

Visit Harter Fall in Second Life
The Main Gallery
LEA please ask Harter permission
Aeonia Gallery

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