Sunday, February 19, 2012

Calling all Vendors

Calling all Vendors for Sanity Fall Hunt.

Do  you own a shop, have you been in a madpea productions Hunt before? we found some great stores that have previously applied and participated in a madpea hunt. We went back to some of them, there are 50 stores per hunt so as much as we have loved to visit all our previous vendors we physically can't do that.

Previous Vendor

Why are we telling you all this, because now its your turn to be one of those shops. Yes YOU could be a vendor for our very latest and very mysterious Hunt which is out on the 1st April, thats right it all starts on April Fools Day, its going to be one of the best, and its success is down to the team behind it and the great vendors and you could be one of those vendors if you apply now, inworld.

Previous Vendor

Application Forms are available just im one of the following, if we had the pea power would be dropping them off to all those fantastic shops in secondlife but its down to YOU to get noticed and be in the hunt of Sanity Falls. So get those applications, get applying and get lucky, we would like to take every shop that applies but we have to narrow it down to 50 and we want YOU to be one of those that tried, even if you have done it before, even if you think your not good enough, even if you don't own a stall but have a great sim/parcel that we deem suitable. Let our team decide if YOU are suitable but you have to be "in it to win it" and there are no exceptions to the rules. So if you fit the criteria, your not a mall, reseller or adult sim, who knows that HUD could landing on your land soon.

Previous Vendor

Best of all you get a percentage of the revenue for every HUD sold, at 100 lindens a hud, if you got 30 or 40% thats 40 lindens per hud, wow. If you only sold ten in your store thats 400 lindens and thats just to play the game, then those hungry weary hunters will be back to seek out your hunt prize and you don't even have to write the clue, the team take care of that for you.

Hurry now, get that all important application in now. Today, don't wait do it NOW.

Previous Vendor

For more information, please contact Kiana Writer, Tichelle Teebrook or Clicquot Oh.

By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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