Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Produce Fireworks?

I wondered already a long time what the left looking building on MadPea Base sim is about. One day I had some time and took the chance to look around there. I see long hallways, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, meeting rooms, washrooms and a laboratory. I appreciate the realistic looking builds.
On a table I find a HUD and wear it. The HUD consists of a book where I find all that is needed for the manufacture of fireworks and how to prepare it. The ingredients first I need to collect together in the building where they are scattered around. On my way I landed in a Escape Room. To get out there is quite similar to the already described 70oes room. You get another HUD there and need to find and combine items to get out. So, you are warned when you stand in front of this door:
Now it could go ahead with my fireworks. After I had found all items in the HUD, I went to the lab. In each work station belongs to a page in my HUD. I had to follow the steps to finish it. That means I had to mill, to burn, to cool down, to crash and to mix carefully. That was really fun and now I have a new hammer in my inventory. That can always be useful ;)
When I finished my fireworks, I covered my ears:
Duck and Cover :)
The flames came in many colors. Great, now I know fireworks are produced! The game MadPea has developed in cooperation with SIGMA-ALDRICH, which is the world's largest supplier of research biochemical and organic chemicals. Every day more than one million customers around the globe count on SIGMA-ALDRICH for quality products delivered on time and as promised. A trusted leader in life science, high technology and service, the story of Sigma-Aldrich has a rich history of innovation.

That much fun can be learning!

by Quan Lavender

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