Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sanity Falls Builder paramparamm papp at work.

We met paramparamm at the rock faces of Sanity Falls, his avatar is a cross between a hedgehog and a mole although he insists he is a hedgepig, what ever his avatar may be its very sweet and makes the cutest noises when it walks. Sometimes we wonder if seeing the world through the eyes of "tinies" would give us a different perspective. Will Sanity Falls be more or less scary at this height perhaps we shall endeavor to explore it in a tiny avatar.

Springtime at the Falls

As you know Madpea Games is definitely international, the writers, builders and contributors come from all over the world. For most of us its mid winter and very cold but in second life avatars never feel cold and Sanity Falls definitely has a feeling of spring to summer. So if you have never experienced second life and want to get a good experience with low lag. Wear something light, as in not a lot of bling, or heavy prims, or heavy weapons. The secret is the less scripts you wear the less likely you are to crash and be forced to log in again.

We put on our safety hats, because they are still at the building phase of Sanity Falls, which is why no one is allowed in with out security, for your health and safety. Nothing worse than having a building dropped on your head. paramparamm was building a hotel/restaurant today and we where eager to see how that was going. It was being moved and fixed into position. The great thing about prims is once you discover how to link the boxes all together, hollow them out and fix them with a "ruler" you start to understand why people love building in second life its that simple

Building Phase

So how did paramparamm became involved with Madpea Games, he told us that the peas had approached him and asked him to build. We wanted to know about his building experience. paramparam is almost 5 years old in second life, considering its only 8 years old, he has seen many changes. From prim building, to sculpting and of course the new exciting mesh which everyone is talking about. Love it or hate it, mesh is here to stay, all builders say the same it could be better. We are concerned that the Version 1 builders and users will not be able to see mesh, but as paramparam and others have pointed out not many will be staying with 1.23 for much longer.
We are firestorm users, we tried others but it was just not for us. But fortunately Sanity Falls builds are prims and sculpts so there is no fear that players will be disappearing into a mesh building never to be seen again, or appearing out of thin air.

We asked paramparamm what he had contributed to Sanity Falls, he had built the road, terraformed the area and was working on the restaraunt behind the rock face. How are you going to texture it? we asked eagerly, will it be a retro 1960s, grungy like other places. Knowing the peas its going to be an awesome texture what ever they use. We offered to help with the painting and decorating just so we can get an inside peep at the structures and get the whole thing ready on time. Not that they are behind schedule.

Terraforming and Road Making
Building Sanity Falls

Will paramparamm have time to play Sanity Falls, we are all hoping we can have a sneak review before the opening on April 1st, did we mention Grand Opening of Sanity Falls is April 1st and we know what day that is? Most of use celebrate or avoid April 1st because its April Fools Day or Feast of Fools day.
How Peas Celebrate April 1st

Will we be daring enough to play a game that is like no other game/hunt ever seen on MadPea Games? I think we are daring enough to try anything the Madpea Game productions team creates. There is a lot of hard work gone into the one. We know a lot of hard work goes into all the Madpea Games hunts but this one is massive. Is it bigger than Peatonville, thats relative how big is your imagination?

paramparamm works on many projects outside Madpea, and he's not famous at all!!! we where forced the sign the officials secrets act so we didn't spill any beans on those projects. We can say that they are going to be fantastic because paramparamm papp's name is stamped all over them along with other not famous at all contributors, designers, scriptors, handy peas.

We did find a few things on flickr that we are sure its safe to share VWPE  and we would like to quote paramparamm on his work there. "imagine that dome was as huge as a region... (256m diameter), standing on the corner of 4 regions to maximize capacity, it was the main auditorium.

All that remains is the photo's we think we will stalk paramparamm to see what he builds in these regions this year. No wonder hes not famous at all!

One thing paramparamm did tell us about is how Second Life came about, its inception if you will is based on various cyberpunk cult novels such as Snow Crash, that and the Burning Man, so come on hands up how many of you knew that little snippet of information eh. We'll be honest only been here a year or so, and we thought Second Life was just a state of the art interactive games site with fun places like Madpea Games to explore, and a lot more besides.

Please note Snow Crash is a Novel, Burning Man is not a novel its an event held in Second Life every Fall. We have recently discovered thanks to Quan that Burning Man is a Real Life event in Nevada.  Apparently some refer to Burning Man Second Life as Burning Life, but it is now called BURN2. Thank you Quan for helping to clarify these points with us.

By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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