Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Havoc Hunt - How to start


The two holidays of Halloween and Christmas have always existed in a fantasy world, connected to our world by a magical portal. Every Halloween the portal activates and the gates of Halloween Town open to let little Creepeas enter our world to knock on doors and fill their sacks full of delicious candy. Then come Christmas the portal activates again and the gates of Christmas Town open to let Santa and his Happeas fly into our world and deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.

Although Creepeas and Happeas never cared for each other, they put aside their differences and lived in harmony. However, something terrible has happened. Santa awoke to find his prized reindeer Rudolph murdered with trails leading to Halloween Town. At the same time The Sacred List containing all the names of little boys and girls in the world was stolen! 

Clearly this was a declaration of war and an attack on Christmas by Halloween! Creepeas and Happeas went to war almost instantly as snowballs and pumpkins flew through the sky working to wipe out each other. The gates to both towns were shattered in the chaos and the magical portal activated in confusion exposing itself to our world!

You must travel to the fantasy world to stop the war and set things right. 
Will you be the 
Hero of the Holidays or 
will both holidays be destroyed forever?


Pay the vendor at the landing point 
or in locations around the Grid 
150L to receive your HUD. 

Wear it and it will attach on the top left corner of your screen.

At first you will see three buttons. 
Minimize the HUD    Get SLURL to Landing Point      Get URL to this blog post         

To begin with the game, you must first find the Crime Scene. It will activate your HUD and explain you what you need to do next. 

Once you have completed the quests in Halloween and Christmas Towns, you will get hold of the Clandestine Map, which will guide your way.

First, use the Magical Gateway to travel from the Fantasy World to the Realm of Reality. The Map will NOT work in Fantasy World.

When in the Realm of Reality, click the dots on the Map to complete the quests.

Pay attention to the local chat and follow the instructions given to you to unravel the story.

Good luck dear traveler, may your journey be filled with wonders!


For the maximum enjoyment of the game, 
make sure that you set your 
Sound & Media Preferences
to Allow media to auto-play


Concept and story 
Kiana Writer & Kyle Beckett

Arduenn Schwartzman
Fae Varriale
Harter Fall
paramparamm Papp
Aitolda Cooljoke
Indigo Lucerne
RAG Randt
Bobbi Bashir
Electronic Mode
Kalanite Bluestar
Zachh Barkley
Fuzz Difference
Xon Halostar

In Collaboration with
Jaimy Hancroft from Death Row Designs

Community Support by
Clicquot Oh
Yuna Khaos
Synful Aeon
Picole Bade
June Forsythe
HOPE Leissa
Krystine Breen
Honey Vesuvino
Tichelle Teebrook
Barbarian Beardmore

                            Click here to enter the Fantasy Realm 

Participating vendors with prize donations

Fallen Gods Inc
Death Row Designs
[: Kawaii Couture :]
Aphrodite Shop
BlueMoon enterprise
//elephante poses//
Couture'd Bacon
Electrobit City
Fuubutsu Dou!
Unorthodox and XODOHTRONU
Cerridwen's Cauldron
RVi Design
*paper moon*
*IW* Inga Wind Clothing
Vengeful Threads
Moving Islands
New Royalton Estates
Gacha Junky
[Ankle Biter]
Van's Armory
Les sucreries de Fairy
White Widow

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