Friday, November 7, 2014

Vendor Applications Open for MadPea Christmas Advent Calendar!


  MadPea Productions Present

••••• Deliciously Demented Desserts •••••
   Advent Calendar Hunt
       December 1, 2014 to January 4, 2015


We are accepting 24 stores for our epic annual Advent Calendar Hunt! 

          T h e  S t o r y  B e h i n d  T h e  H u n t
Candy Land, Gingerbread, and Christmas Goodies all done with a MadPea twist.
One clue each day of 25 days, one store prize each day to hunt down.
And a visit to the MadPea Dentist.
           DDD Advent Calendar Hunt F A Q

1. Why should I participate in this Hunt?

  •      We reach an inworld community of over 8000 Second Life residents
  •      You will become part of great and rewarding interactive fun
  •      You will get instant exposure and traffic
  •      Increased brand awareness
  •      Potential for word of mouth referrals
  •      Increased sales of your products or services
  •      All our hunts have been featured on the SL Destination Guide under Editor's Picks, so the traffic is guaranteed.


2. How does the hunt work?

Each day a new clue will be available in the Advent Calendar on the MadPea sim.  Each vendor will be assigned one day.  One prize per clue per day.  You will have a Free hut/candy house with 40 prims to showcase some of your products.  This hunt will cost L$100 for the players.  The HUD will be free to our vendors.

3. What is the prize, do I need to put a prize? 


For this hunt the prize MUST be either Unisex OR M AND F gifts. This is a G-rated Advent Calendar, so the prize/s need to reflect that rating.  Your prize must be EXCLUSIVE to this advent calendar and THEMED. You can, of course, sell the item once the advent calendar is over.

The hunt item must be absolutely high quality.  No freebies. Please put some love and care into making your item and think if it's something you would be happy to receive as a hunter. If you make a fantastic item, the words gets around and the hunt keeps getting bigger. 

You will be required to provide a texture picture of your prize.  All hunt prizes need to be approved by MadPea Crew.  All prizes and prize pics must be ready by November 30.  We will promote the hunt in our social media and our group.

4. What do I have to do to get in?

Click here and complete the application ASAP! Application deadline is November 14 and you will hear from us by November 15. More information will be sent to you when you are accepted.

Without any exceptions we can NOT accept stores that are:
* Only resellers and/or BIAB

For more information, please contact Tichelle Teebrook or Clicquot Oh.

Thank you! 
MadPea Productions

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