Monday, March 23, 2015

Have you Uncovered Buried yet?

BURIED has proved to one of MadPea's most successful games to date and there is still chance for you to play before it closes on the 31st March.

There are 25 prizes to collect after solving clues all around the grid at some of the best and most well known stores in Second Life.

For only 300L$ you could have hours of fun with friends solving the mystery of the disappearance of famous writer Lily Moreno. 

But that's not all. Featured above and below are just a small selection of the prizes. 

  • [noctis] +abandoned caboose - this gorgeously textured caboose comes with a number of high quality animations. Perfect to live in or to decorate any sim.
  • Cheeky Pea - Twinkle Arbor - with lights on or off. 
  • Never Totally Dead Armchair with numerous unisex animations and a little surprise hiding underneath
  • ATW Compass Crate with animations
  • :::Sn@tch Writer's Desk (Oak)::: with chair, lamp and rug
  • Consignment Buried Currency mesh decor
  • Ravenghost Wishing Tree 3D Wall Decal with falling leaves
  • Buried Alive animated dig and bury pose and earth mound from MadPea
  • Noodles - Dirt Jar Necklace (on Kess)

Plus lots more prizes not shown...for 300L$

What are you waiting for?

TP to Buried Island now and pick up your HUD and get hunting!


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