Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the beginning..

One day till Sanity Falls building gets started.. We are absolutely buzzed to bring out a whole new idea with some amazing twists. For this game, we have a team with serious talent... you get to read about each person involved on this blog in more very soon..

Sanity Falls team includes builders & graphic artists: Madcow Cosmos, Eolene Uralia, Harter Fall, Paramparamm Papp and Midgard Ibanez. Scipters: Smiley Dyrssen, Zachh Barkley and Fuzz Difference. Sounds & audio: Lorin Tone. Tichelle Teebrook and Clicquot Oh will be the vendor managers and I try to manage the madness somehow...

The storyline is now done and building will begin tomorrow! Starting from an empty canvas.

Follow this blog to see behind the scenes of Sanity Falls, an immersive grid-wide adventure that will take Second Lifers by surprise.

by Kiana Writer

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