Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Days Of A Cool Hunt For Free!

Here is real highlight! The last days of a beautiful and challenging hunt. "The Peatonville Mystery" is a gridwide hunt that was built by MadPea in collaboration with P4NDOR4 Quintessa  in the look of P4NDOR4's wonderful, gloomy sim Pandemonium.

You have to wear a hud and look for small pieces of paper. They give you a link to shops where you have to find artefacts.

As soon as you find them you receive immediately a gift. The game runs until January 6. For the HUD you had to pay a fee of 100 Linden. For the last days, CEO Kiana Writer generously sent the HUD for free to the group members. Join the MadPea group and check the notices. Happy hunting!


by Quan Lavender

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  1. This was a great hunt, as usual I never got it finished, but I just love the set up Mad Peas created. Fell through a hole in the ground when the floor opened up, had a bed thrown at me by a non violent patients ghost lol. Great fun and all in second life so completely unscathed and no broken bones. Loved the box under the bed in one of the patients rooms. The writing on the mirror in the dining room and the Autopsy Room. Elegant Goth as selling a similar Autopsy Room for any wanna be doctors out there.