Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another Great Evening at Madpea

Yesterday we enjoyed another exciting evening at MadPea. Show and Tell had a classy range of entries from fashion to exterior design. 

Yuna Khaos presented fashion
Not easy to decide for the audience. But at the end we had a happy winner: Xon Halostar with his cute scripted teddybear band:

These teddybears of Xon Halostar won the hearts of the audience

The second Highlight of the evening was the show of Tyrehl Byk and Ultraviolet Alter. This time the event was not seated and without camera controls, but also totally improvised by Tyrehl. Both artists could even more together get into a flow of sounds and optical effects. 

Lightshow by Tyrehl Byk
The beautiful scenery built by Ultraviolet was the perfect frame for the show. The grateful audience enjoyed every minute and gave long applauds.

Ultraviolet and Tyrehl

Both artists already had a large fangroup. With there cooperation it will even grow.

by Quan Lavender 

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