Friday, May 2, 2014

Help us to release UNIA!

This month it has been a whole year that MadPea has been working on our biggest game ever - UNIA.

The costs of this platform are very high and I have been struggling with this for a while in my mind.. Should I do a fundraiser for UNIA or not?

After several players contacted me asking where they could donate, I thought that ok, let's go ahead with this, there's nothing I have to lose. I have been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and been very exhausted and stressed trying to keep up with everything in both lives. To fund the development of UNIA we have had to join all kinds of events and arrange hunts and gacha fairs etc to make sure that we can keep up with the payments of the islands.

When we started creating the game in the first place,  we had no idea how long it would take because something like it had never been done in Second Life before. The concept of UNIA goes way beyond Second Life. It is the first in its genre breaking ground and truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Second Life. The project is ambitious and challenging. We have a team of nearly 20 incredibly talented people working on it nonstop. Not to mention the best of the best guest artists putting their passion into it.

Unfortunately, two months into the game development we lost our sponsor and have had to find ways to keep funding the two islands we need for UNIA. Since I am in Finland there is a 24% tax added to the cost of each full island. That is $70.80 in addition to the usual $295.00 tier fee so the monthly cost of our two MadPea islands is $731.60 (US dollars).

An incredible amount of manhours, love, sweat and tears have already been put into making UNIA, and finally we are getting closer. We will need still around 2-3 months to release it.

We are losing the Da Vinci Isle (Mad City) in the end of May and have no place to carry on keeping events to raise funds in order to keep UNIA islands paid.

I would want nothing more at this moment than for me and my hard-working team to focus on UNIA 100% and launch it for people to enjoy. 

As Art is sponsored in SL by LEA but game development is not., I'm asking you that if there is any way you are able to donate to help us out with this,
please visit our GoFundMe site

All donations are greatly appreciated!

<3 Kiana

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  1. Hello Kiana, I have donated 50$ a few days ago but I never received the SL avatar. I don't really mind about it but I thought I'd let you know that there might be a technical problem with the rewards.

    Best of luck with your project!