Friday, September 7, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt: How to start?

Hunt starts today!
The Perfumed Cutlass Hunt opens a whole new season of MadPea Monthly Legends. Each month a new legend is discovered and the stories take you on grid-wide adventures.

This is the Story:  
There was a female pirate known as the Perfumed Cutlass for her deadly charm and razor wit. She was as much a lover as she was a fighter and because of this, she lost her heart often. However, with each lover she leaves a piece of her heart, a symbol of her most valuable possession. She leaves them also a piece of her treasure map and a promise she will return. Immerse yourself to the story of the Perfumed Cutlass, find her hidden treasure and be rewarded generously.

How to play:
Buy the HUD for 10 Linden and wear it.

That is the HUD (photo shared from the HuntSL blog)
 First you have to find 15 gold coins in the collaborating stores. You will see a grid of Xs... clicking on each X gives you the clue to help you locate the gold coin at each store and also gives you the location of the store.

This is the coin you are looking for

When you find the gold coin, click it and it will turn the corresponding cell on the grid of the HUD from an X to a piece of the map.  When you have found all the coins and the map is complete, the HUD will be primed to open all the treasure chests in the prize cave for you. To get to the prize cave click on the red thumbtack icon. To collect your prizes once you have arrived in the cave, click on the open treasure chest icon. Be prepared for a flood of treasure as your inventory burst to overflowing!  If you have any questions, you can click the ? to be linked to the help webpage.

How long will the hunt run?
Opening today, Sept. 7th, 3 PM SLT until 30th

Hunt start location:

Come and have fun!


  1. The dirty little secret shop wasn't even open.... how do we get the coin from there?

  2. Cam in and sit hack, thats how I get in to dirty little secret.