Saturday, March 3, 2012

To All Builders And Artists! - Come To Show And Tell

Creativity does not always follow straight paths. Therefore you most likely might have something you built once in your inventory which never fitted to a collection or an exhibition. Here you have the chance to present and explain it.

‘Show and Tell’ has a long tradition in Second Life. 'Show and Tell' has been a popular event for almost 7 years. The original was hosted by florenze Kerensky and Barney Boomslang for about 6 years, and was a very popular weekly event. Many fine builders attended showing a wide array of fun stuff. Many people were devastated that it came to an end, so Lorin Tone convinced the MadPea team to bring a new one back.

So, how is it going? In one hour 6 builders have the chance to present a work in 10 minutes. The participanst have an area of 25x25m in the MadPea Arena available for the builds, so they should not be larger. 

Although it is far away from any contest, a traditional part of  ‘Show and Tell’ is the contest board. MadPea generously host the event now and donates 1000 Linden for the contest board. The pot can be increased by visitor donations. Each participant will receive guaranteed 100 Linden, the rest will be distributed to the winners. The event will be held every Sunday.

Builders are requestet to show up early and to register as only 6 builders can participate each event. So wipe out the dust off your inventory and show us a work that the world not should miss!

‘Show and Tell’ today, Sunday at 2 PM SLT. Don't miss it!

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