Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: United InshCon

Can't wait for Friday? To shorten the time, as promised,  find here the next hunt gift:

Eldowyn Inshan, co-owner of the United InshCon Shop: "Our shop exists since 2009. We are 3 builders, Eldowyn Inshan, Poco Seetan and Men Dinzel. Each has their own style  on building and creating. The passion for medieval things began with Role play. We are building medieval  furniture, Housings, trading systems and weapons as well as houses for fantasy sims. The newest in our line of creations are , furniture and houses for petite avatars."

No question, a shop like United InshCon should donate a great gift fitting to the theme of the hunt:

A Piratnest with a Climp rope and a broken boat.

Find here tomorrow the next great hunt gift!

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