Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: [dirty.little.secret]

A bit more than 24 hours until hunt start! Join our opening party today at 3 PM SLT!

Today we present the hunt gift of [dirty.little.secret]. Owner Tash Porthos explains: "[dirty.little.secret] is an extension of my love for making things for my friends. Just about anything can catch my attention -- houses, skyboxes, furniture, mesh and layer clothing, jewelry, makeup, eyes -- seriously, if it is fun and catches my interest, I'll drink the Kool Aid and I'm right in there trying to make it.  :)   Currently, I'm really immersed in mesh clothing, but you never know what might be on the floor next, so it's worth your time to keep checking back!" See here some of her latest product releases:

And that is the great hunt gift:

Tahs Porthos is glad to present the hunt gift: "Pirate stuff!  Several of the pieces are unisex -- there is a pirate hat, a gorgeous ornate sort of steam-punkish pirate monocle, and a pirate shirt that can be worn by both sexes.  For the men exclusively, there's a silver chain with a heart on the end of it ... literally a heart.  :)    For the ladies exclusively, TWO peg legs -- one in silver scrollwork and the other in ivory carvings -- as well as a pirate boot to fit the other foot.  :)   All in all it's a fun set to roleplay with. Heck....I like the peg legs so much I might wear them myself as an everyday item!  :D"

Don't miss these great gifts and much, much more!

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