Thursday, September 20, 2012

The "Carneval" Dwarf

To find MadPea builder LINUS Humphreys, we had to jump in a hole and climb down deep into the sewing system. It is dark, wet and greatly build by him. There he stands, sinister and pale: “I am MadPea’s dwarf, digging tunnels.”

And LINUS is great in that. The textures are breathtaking realistic. RL he is in advertising industries: “SL is a playground for me, I can use my knowledge to create 3d stuff. But I like to share, that is was I give my stuff  or free. You know, advertising agencies are all about money, it is boring sometimes and it is good to share for free sometimes.” Since 2007 he creates textures and sells them at Textures R’us and in his own shop

The shop
One finds more than textures in the shop. When we asked him about his best selling product he smiles: “Actually one of my freebies, it is sold over 20.000 times. Oh, and that skybox, which is bestseller at the Marketplace too:”

As most creative people he uses his online times to build and did not socialize a lot in SL: “During 3 years, I was like a hermit in his grotto. Now I try to meet more people and I do vampire roleplay in Venexia.  Why there? Because the sim design is well done and people speak good English. It trains me well.”

But still LINUS’ main interest is building: “I have fun creating, that is the reason why I accepted to work with MadPea. Because it is a way to have fun and that is why I am here in SL.” Four long years ago he did the last design work in cooperation. The sim closed after only 3 months and disappointed since that he preferred to work alone. The cooperation with Madpea is the first exception. And he obviously loves what he is doing. One feels a bit pride in him when he tells that the sewing system is made of mesh with only 20 prims and a few textures. This is the art of skilled building!

All these features guarantee our gamers in the upcoming Carneval a low lag and fast rezzing game experience! You will love the creepy Carneval!

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