Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Fun @ Madpea: PRIMTIONARY and SHOW+TELL

Each weekend, Madpea as 2 regularly events:
Saturday at 2 PM SLT: PRIMTIONARY and Sunday at 12 PM: SLT SHOW+TELL

PRIMTIONARY is building fun for all levels of skills. How to play: One person gets up on stage and builds a secret word given to him or her by the host, while everyone in the audience tries to figure out what the word is. The first player to get the word wins a token prize money (25L per word) and, more importantly, the privilege of building the next word.

Think of what level you can build at: Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil or Impossible. Tell the host in chat what level you want. They will give you a word in Instant Message for you to build at that level. The first person that guesses the correct word wins that round and 25 Lindens, and is entitled to build on the next round. Please remove all of your build off the stage. You are not allowed to spell the word out or even part of the word. You can use letters for the build but not if the letter is in the word. Custom textures and colors for prims are allowed. No textures are allowed that are the word. As in "mural", you can't put a mural texture on the prim. It does need to be built on stage, so you cannot pull something out of your inventory. What is allowed is building green "CC" prims to represent "SOUNDS LIKE". The CC is a symbolic ear and that is why it is used for "SOUNDS LIKE". You can also use a green "+" if you need to break down the word into syllables. You can use a green arrow to point at what you want the audience to see or say. No scripts are to be used in the build, and no sculpties are allowed.

Come to MadPea at 2 PM SLT!

Doubleclick the LM on arrival to get to the place.

Last weeks winner at SHOW+TELL: Apollosmile
Sunday is SHOW+TELL day, where builders show and explain their latest creations: Structures, toys, art, scripts, avatars...everything is possible! And that makes each SHOW+TELL so unique exciting and surprising! The audience votes after the presentations.

2nd place: Takni Miklos
3rd place: Arduenn Schwartzman
4th place: Toysoldier Thor
Come to Show and Tell @ 12 PM SLT!  Builders are requested to appear early in order to log in the contest board! 

Doubleclick the LM on arrival to get to the place.

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