Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Whatz

Still not convinved that you should join the Enchated Frost Hunt? See here one of the great prizes! Today we talk toTitania Halasy, owner of Whatz:

Titania Halasy: "I started in 2009 with clothes and accessories designed for roleplay needs and nowadays I am focusing more on things amusing me, especially NPC's (Non Playing Characters) with Artificial Intelligence or pre-written sentences."

See here some of the products:

And this is the prize for the hunters:

Titania Halasy: "It's an NPC not yet for sale! An absent-minded girl that was wandering on the docks and didn't notice a crate that was about to fall down... Just rez her and wait for what she has to say about her adventure ^^"

How to start the hunt:

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