Monday, December 17, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Whimsy

The Enchanted Frost Hunt found much attention in the blogs. See here a small choice:

Thank you to all bloggers!

 And here is  nex gift, Today we talk to Firery Broome, owner of Whimsy:

Firery Broome: Mostly I create hats, some of them are very odd and silly ones, others might be commemorative. I sometimes make others adornments as well but it is mostly hats. I like to put lots of details and humor into my creations.

The hats are very sculptural many of them have very tiny prims, so you really have to look at and explore them to see everything. I can't tell you how many times I have had to rip my hats apart because I went over the linked prim limit.  So it is not always safe to rez my hats on the ground unless you have lots of prims available on your land.  I like lots of details.

I often make hats for various holidays or events. Also I like to do county and food centered ones, like stargazy pie, or Hogmanay. With the food ones I often include a recipe or information about the food, as most of the time the food is very regional and not so well known.  I am just now finishing up my year long Zodiac series.

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And see the prize for the hunters:

Firery Broome: The prize for this hunt is a gender neutral, frost covered, wizard/wizardress hat. There are loads of tiny details all frozen in ice. Some from the autumn just past. You'll want to wear your warm clothes when wearing it. It makes you feel cold just looking at it.

How to start the hunt:

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