Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dwarfins - Vendor Interviews


Thank you for participating in "Love Potion No. 9.9".

Dwarfins Team -  Dante, Judy and Jaimy

Small write up on what brought you to Second Life and how your store came into existence? Anything else you would like the Peas and readers to know about you?

There are 3 of us on the Dwarfins team, Dante, Jaimy and myself (Judy). Dante and I initially wanted to make a game in Second Life that we ourselves would want to play. We wanted it to be fun and challenging, but also look really good and fit into roleplay settings, sort of a living game.
We met Jaimy who is an amazing artist and runs her own successful business in Second Life and have been working together ever since.

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products?

Dwarfins is a fantasy community building game, Dwarfins are in a sense ' breedables' but there's way more to them than just that, they also interact with items that are specially made for them, and are created in a way that allows them to be very dynamic. Future expansions will allow them to grow and make their own food, fish and brawl.  Game play centers around the Dwarfins as they venture into the world and begin to create their own community village or even a kingdom around themselves. The Dwarfins store is actually a cave where the Dwarfins first emerged from and into the world of Second Life.  Over time it has become the heart and soul of Dwarfins, where the community comes to pick up food for their own Dwarfins, find out the latest information, talk to the staff, and even if you are not into the gameplay you can still find all the dwarfins that are discovered as rigged avatars to run around in and bug elves at a fantasy roleplay sim :D or meet up with other dwarfineers

What is the prize that you made for the Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt.

We made an exclusive gift , it's our latest limited edition valentine dwarfin - rigged avatar version , male and female :)

What do you think of the hunt and the story involved with the hunt?

I think it's very nice, but i like all the madpea stories you guys do the best jobs at creating a really exciting hunt where you actually feel part of the story .. and this is not one of the horror type stories but its still a bit of an oddity with the alchemist who's name i can't pronounce haha , just an overall great job and  we're honoured to be part of it.

Have you yourself been able to start or maybe have completed the hunt? If you have completed or started the hunt, what was your thoughts on the experience? 
Yes, I did complete the hunt. I love how the clues make you think about what you are looking for, I really liked how each of the items in the hunt were different, it added an extra challenge.

Have you had a favorite experience with the hunt or hunt member(s)? (The Peas)

I've met so many different people on the hunt, the challenge of the clues gets total strangers talking. I think it's a great idea that you ask players to wear their MadPea tags, it was fun going to the different stores and easily identifying who was there on the same mission as I was. :-)

What is your favorite thing about being involved in the hunt?

It creates a good atmosphere in general and great camaraderie between new and old players

What would you like to say to the Peas that have or have not done the hunt?

to the peas that have not done it : DO eeettttttttttttttttt!!!

Have you noticed increased traffic or increase in sale of your products during this hunt? Or what are the benefits for being a part of this hunt for you?

This hunt attracted people that normally would not bump into the store or never even think of coming to the Dwarfins cave because of different interests, we noticed and talked to a lot of hunters that were looking for the clue and got distracted because they were watching the Dwarfins. We've gotten some great feedback, so it's always humbling and an overall nice feeling.

Thank you for your time.

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea PR

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