Monday, March 4, 2013

Adventure Peas Photo Contest!!!

     For our next game, you will go spelunking deep within a cave looking for Inca treasures.  Through catacombs and caves you will weave looking for lost treasure. But be careful you never now what might happen. Be careful not to get lost. Maybe you should get a guide to help you through the whole thing. Well, you can with our awesome photo contest!!

      We know our Peas are fabulous fashionistas! Show us what your exploration outfit will be, you know you have to dress well in order to look for treasure you wouldn't want to be caught not looking your best right? You will get a chance to have your own guide through the catacombs when you get stuck! Kiana, herself, will be your lifeline when you find your sanity slipping away in this game!  This is a HUGE PRIZE!!!!  So...get your costumes ready and show off!  Send your full perm pic (one only) to Ravenstarr by March 10th.  MadPea staff will pick the lucky winner!  The top FIVE photos will also win a FREE HUNT HUD!

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