Sunday, March 10, 2013

MadPea Madness Fair

We all love shopping. Well, madpeas love to shop too. So we have created a event just for that. the first ever MadPea Madness fair!!! This fair will feature awesome creators from second life that make all kind of products for you to shop. All Items that are for sale at this event will be marked 150L or less!!  Applications are due by March 16th. You can contact Yuna Khaos in world.

     Now here is the nity grity stuff for you.

Each vendor will get 15 prims. If you are accepted there will be a fee to be paid to secure your spot in the fair. You will have 1 week after you are told you are accepted to be one of the vendors of the fair. We hope you become part of our wonderful event.

Application deadline - March 16th
Fair starts - April 7th - 27th

1. Why should I participate in the Madness Fair?

    -  We reach an inworld community of over 6000 Second Life residents
    -  You will get exposure and traffic
    -  Increased brand awareness
    -  Potential for word of mouth referrals
    -  Increased sales of your products or services
2. What do I have to do to get in?

Fill out the application and do it quickly! When you are accepted into the fair we will contact you personally.


Your will not be allowed to use scripted vendors. Only linden 1 prim vendors are allowed. If you have any questions please feel fee to ask.

Without any exceptions we can NOT accept stores that are:
* Only resellers

We hope to see all kinds of wonderful vendors in this fair.  Remember for applications or questions please contact Yuna Khaos.

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