Monday, October 7, 2013

Dark Dimension Mini Hunt Prizes and Information

Some of you are already done with the main hunt.  Well, if you didn't know and find yourself with nothing else to do, there is a mini hunt for you to enjoy as well.  This is all the information you will need to proceed with it.
When you buy your preferred shoe color, you will receive, that color shoe, which will also include: the mesh prison outfit in both male and female sizes. These can be bought at Death Row Design Sim for L$75.

When you make this purchase each pair of Prison Kicks color: provides 4 tools/items, via menu one of which will interact with something found only on the DRD sim, that gets you an "EXTRA," prize.   You will receive a hint when you wear the correct tool/item sent to you in local chat.

All items are non-transferable!!  

There are four tools to be used around the sim.  This is a bonus mini hunt. When you find the correct items you will receive random gifts, from Vendors like: White Widow, Bentham Manor, DRD, and Aphrodite.

Have fun with the Dark Dimension Hunt and Good Luck!!

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