Sunday, March 16, 2014

Steampunk Gacha Fair is now open!

Come one, come all to the steamy park filled with gacha machines.
Will you win a backpack with tentacles, a flying pig,
boots that make your toes scream for mercy or exclusive hot new skins?

Take your chances and try them all! 

Parade of steamy gacha machines at Mad City

This is our first ever in a series of Gacha Fairs
to be held at Mad City and we're so excited!
The event is being graciously sponsored by Gachatopia and NY Healthscape.

The festivities began yesterday with an opening gala party in Crying Peacock Park. The event runs until Sunday March 30th, giving gachaholics a little over two weeks to grab some truly exclusive items at amazing gacha prices!

Bubbles and steam to get you feeling all steampunkish

In honour of the 11th round of the Steam Hunt, one of Second Life's oldest and best loved hunts, the chosen theme for this round is Steampunk! Fusing influences from the Industrial Revolution, Victoriana, classical futurism and technophilia with a punk aesthetic, Steampunk has been an enduring trend in Second Life - mostly because its creative possibilities are nearly endless.

Exclusive MadPea Cthulu Hunter gear 

All of the participants in the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair are seasoned creators, offering prizes ranging from dresses, suits, goggles, hats and boots to beds, bric-a-brac and living room sets.

What are you waiting for? Get your steampunk gear on and come and get these awesome goodies!

Take this steamy ride to your destination

Steampunk Gacha Fair Vendors:
Death Row Designs (coming later)
Kawaii Couture
7 Deadly s{k}ins
Distorted Dreams
Love Zombie
Potpourri Designs
Axis Creations
!Chop SHop!
Lone Wolf Studio
irrie's Dollhouse
Ravenghost Interiors
LOoLOo Costumes & Platypus Menswear
The Vintage Touch

Steampunk Gacha Items from MadPea:

When the Pigs Fly Series: 

When Pigs Fly is an English expression meaning 'It is never going to happen'.

Each unique Pig comes with their own backstory.. Let's meet Stanley Steampig!

Stanley was awed by the spectacle of the huge steam locomotive that rumbled daily by his pen near the railroad tracks. He was amazed by the voluminous plumes of steam pouring out of the engine along with the huge mechanical pushrods. He not only wanted to ride on this magnificent machine but he also wanted to be one too. He told his uncle Pigsy about that and he replied, “When pigs fly”.

Steampunk Paraphernalia: 

The accessories that are a must for a steampunk fair, goggles, hats and a scarf for only 25L a try.

The Cthulhu hunter

This set contains everything that a well prepared Cthulhu hunter needs to catch the mighty beast! 
The backpack even has a taste of a tentacle in it and the pistol is scripted to shoot what else than Bubbles!

Get your steam on and don't miss these out!

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