Friday, March 21, 2014

Queen Pea really singing at Furry Fair!?

"I didn't know you could sing!" 
- Is a typical comment I'm getting these days 
after Furry Fair announced me as one of the singers in a list of 
"I didn't know it either!" - Is my typical answer... 
So how on earth did I end up singing at Furry Fair 
and even bigger question: Am I going to be able to do this?

10 AM : Samm Qendra
11 AM : DJ Bcreative (Classic soft / romantic Goth)
12 PM : Nadine Morani
1 PM : DJ Louise
2 PM : Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth
3 PM : Dragonfly
4 PM : Queen Pea and the Surprises

This all started a few weeks ago when we organized the huge Celebrity Auction for Feed-A-Smile charity. 
I didn't want on the board in the first place thinking that: 
1. No one will buy me anyways 
2. What can I offer to the winner?

Eventually I thought that every little bit helps and that I will do anything I can 
in my power to make sure that these precious children in the 
Feed-A-Smile programme 
will be getting a significant amount of money for their meals. 
However, what I didn't think was that IF I write I'm willing to do ANYTHING 
for this, then I should be truly prepared for ANYTHING!

In the end I went for $61 000L to Chloe Seljan
a crazy woman who owns the Potpourri Markets 
and the organizer of Furry Fair. 
She had one request: 
"I need you to sing at Furry Fair!"

As a person who keeps her word, I decided that I WILL SING!
It's been neverending practise now to make sure that 
my voice will be smooth as silk and lots of training (wine) 
to keep my nerves calm as I don't like to be in front of an audience. 

A rehearsal with a very appreciative audience

Will I sing like Jigglypuff and send you all to sleep? 
Will I break all the glass and clear the room in seconds?

The gorgeous DJ KESS is going to be the stage manager 
to make sure things don't get out of hand 
- too fast anyways!  
No matter what.. there will be plenty of SURPRISES 
and GIFTS for the audience. 
Don't miss this out. 

See you all at FURRY FAIR today! 

March 21 will be a special day at Furry Fair : The Feed a Smile Day

Feed a Smile is a group that helps underprivileged children in Kenya. A SL group linked with a real NGO : "Live and learn in Kenya".

Live and learn in Kenya help those children by differents way :
- By Foster Care projects
- Constructions projects (Education center)
- School Holiday activities
- Sponsoring program
- And Feeding program.

In Second Life, with Feed a Smile, you can help this Feeding program.

How? each tip that you give will be send to this Feeding Program. 100 L$ = a meal. 100 L$ = a smile...

All tips that you will give during this day to the performers will be send to Feed a Smile :

For more informations :
Live and Learn in Kenya website :
Contact : Brique Topaz


  1. OHHHH - I am going to try sooooo hard to stay awake for this!

  2. I really did sing in the end! Even though I was kidnapped and got drunk and thrown out from a helicopter turned into a furry! And there was a magic show and street art and guys in Mickey Mouse masks and 12 Directions band. What an awesome night! Thanks all for your support there!