Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Wait Is Over! Announcing: The Lost Mine!

MadPea Productions, creators of innovative gaming, shopping and interactive art experiences in the virtual world Second Life, are teaming up with Dwarfins, creators of the amazing Dwarf Fantasy Community Building Game, to bring you a brand new hunt! 

The Lost Mine takes the classic form of a MadPea hunt and sprinkles it with Dwarfins' magic, resulting in something that's sure to appeal to hardcore hunters, adventurous gamers and curious casual folk from all corners of the grid.

"We wanted to make sure this hunt was attractive to as wide a range of people as possible, not just our normal demographic," said MadPea Games Marketing Director Fugazi Rubanis. "We're really proud of the crop of designers who're sponsoring the game, and we think all of Second Life's hunters will be incredibly happy with the prizes they're going to receive!"

“Dwarfins and MadPea Productions have paired up to bring you this fresh, exciting, puzzle-filled, adventure. Collectively, we are creating the The Lost Mine hunt, with the whole SL community in mind. Your overall hunting-gaming experience on SL will undoubtedly be changed. The Lost Mine is surely going to be a delightful hunt, that you wouldn't want to miss.” -Hope Leissa Marketing Manager for Dwarfins

Hunters will be able to get a taste of the prizes they're searching for starting from March 24th, when the first three designers will be revealed on the MadPea blog ( and Facebook page ( With 20 top-quality stores from the worlds of fashion, decoration, accessories and poses already confirmed, you won't want to miss out on the daily reveals leading up to the launch on April 1st! 

The fun begins at 12:00PM (NOON) SLT on April 1st in Mad City (here's a SLURL to the park!) with an opening gala party, with prizes and freebies courtesy of MadPea Games and Dwarfins. Dare you take on the challenge issued by the mad scientist, Dr. Madrigal Peabody, and cross time and space into a land of only spoken of in fairy tales? Can you steel your courage enough to navigate a derelict mine filled with traps, pitfalls and danger at every turn? Can you keep your wits about you and find the lost treasure? Run along to Mad City on April 1st, and happy hunting!

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