Monday, March 24, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 1: Welcoming Our First Three Vendors, And Some Story Hints!

Hey guys!

We're so pleased to reveal to you the names of the first three sponsors confirmed to be giving out some amazing prizes for those of you cunning enough to solve all of our devious puzzles and unlock the secret of the Lost Mine!

An Lár [Poses] is a boutique artistic pose store owned and operated by Katya Valeska, specialising in emotive singles and couples poses for photography and blogging. With an eclectic range and a strong sense of movement encoded into each and every form, we're looking forward to seeing what they produce for their prize! You can visit them inworld here

Cae is the brainchild of Caelan Hancroft, and is responsible for some of the grid's most beautiful jewelery and accessories. For a hunt where the whole theme is based around rediscovered buried treasure, we're sure you won't be disappointed with her gift. You can visit her store here.

Over the past couple of years, floorplan. has established itself as one of the biggest names in home furnishing and decoration in Second Life. Producing everything from wall hangings and pictures to tables, chairs, beds and sofas, Tegan Serin has shown time and again that even the simplest of base materials can be made to shine. You can visit floorplan. here.

Don't think we forgot! We promised a little hint as to the story behind the here comes today's message:
"For centuries, we've told our children fairy tales - stories filled with magic, and treasure, and fantastic creatures..."
Make sure you come back tomorrow for your next snippet of story - and to see the next three amazing stores we have lined up for you!

Any questions regarding promotion or marketing for the hunt can be directed to me, Fugazi Rubanis, by IM or notecard inworld.

See you tomorrow!

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