Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 2: More Vendors! More Hints! OH MY!

Hey Peas!

Welcome to your second daily dose of Lost Mine hype! We know you're all ready and waiting to hear exactly what you're gonna be facing next week...and we're gonna keep you guessing juuuust a little while longer. It'd be no fun if we spoiled TOO many surprises now, would it?

Stay tuned for today's new story hint - in the meantime, let's crack on with today's fantastic vendors!

Created by BlueSean Yiuyan and Silex Zapedzki, Never Totally Dead is recognised as one of the leading creators of full-size, opulent builds and luxurious interior furnishings. Fusing a strong sense of style with fun interactive elements really put these guys on the map - we can't wait to see what they come up with! Visit them here.

RACK Poses, helmed by the lovely Kirsty Oherlihy, is probably most famous for its steamy, erotic poses - but that's not the only string to this talented lady's bow! She also creates some of Second Life's most moving G-rated couples poses and has even branched into the roleplay realm. RACK never disappoints! You can check out her PG mainstore inworld here.

Autumn Amaranth's Wicked Peach specialises in nail appliers for SLINK hands and feet. Her products are always full of personality and vibrance and are the only nails that your humble author will wear! Check out her awesome range here.

Now it'd be awfully bad of me to leave you without dropping off another little story hint, wouldn't it? Here we go!
"None of us suspected that the stories we heard growing up might actually be true..."
Make sure you come back tomorrow for your next snippet of story - and to see the next three amazing stores we have lined up for you!

Any questions regarding promotion or marketing for the hunt can be directed to me, Fugazi Rubanis, by IM or notecard inworld.

See you tomorrow!

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