Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tale of Kongo Bongo

The Tale of Kongo...the musical hero of Bongo!

Kongo Bongo is a third cousin, twice removed, of King Kongo the 7th of Bongo. Bongo is most well known for it's indigenous drum loving monkeys. Bongo was originally well known as the filming spot for Last...a series about a group of plane crash survivors who encounter the last living person on the island...Tom Hanks and his amazing collection of drums and bongos left over in Fed Ex crates. 
Eventually the survivors disappeared, leaving behind the assorted musical instruments which the monkeys took to playing with joy!. The best of which was Kongo, who had a natural gift for banging the bongo.
After winning several awards including an AMA (Ape Music Award) Kongo decided to leave the island in search of fame and fortune. Joining the MadPea Circus he found his true vocation at Cirque de Seraphim, raising funds for the ASPCA!

Kongo Bongo is just one of the items you can collect from the MadPea Gacha at Cirque De Seraphim. Check out our other items too which are sold with a 50% donation to the ASPCA!

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