Sunday, January 15, 2012

“Show and Tell” today – Interview with Lorin Tone

Quan Lavender: Hi Lorin, nice to meet you. You will host the event. Tell me a bit about the history.
Lorin Tone: The original was hosted by florenze Kerensky and Barney Boomslang for about 6 years, and was a very popular weekly event. Many fine builders attended showing a wide array of fun stuff.
Quan Lavender: Where was it held and why did it came to an end?
Lorin Tone: The first one was held at various locations over the years.  florenze and Barney had to end it because they've been busy with RL stuff. Many people were devastated that it came to an end, so we're going to try to bring a new one back.
Quan Lavender: So you convinced Kiana now to held it at MadPea?
Lorin Tone: Well, Bobbi was doing a similar show and tell, but I asked Kiana for permission to try it the way flo and Barney did it. So we're going to try it today!
Quan Lavender: I am looking forward to it! Do you know already some who plan to take part?
Lorin Tone: flo and Barney were wonderful hosts, I will try to make ours as enjoyable as theirs was. I know that some regulars from the old Show and Tell will attend today, but don't know who will show until they all sign up. Fortunately, Judi Newall will be assisting me today. Inventor Alchemy and Xon Halostar have suggested that they might show some new things, we'll see
Quan Lavender: Who will make the winners choice?
Lorin Tone: The audience decides the winners by voting on our voting board. Prize money will be awarded proportionally to all the presenters. Attendees can also contribute to the pot. That's the fun of Show and Tell, everyone is a part of it, whether they show or not.
Quan Lavender: I understand. So thank you for your time. Do you wish something to add?
Lorin Tone: lol.....I wish to add that I'm nervous, but I'll do my best! And I look forward to getting Show and Tell going again.
Quan Lavender: I am sure you will be great!
Lorin Tone: btw, this avatar is from the original Show and Tell. It was made by Frofidor Niekerk, but I'm wearing a different hat......49ers!

„Show and Tell“ today and from now every Sunday held at 2-3 PM SLT.  You are cordially invited! Builders and visitors don’t miss it! It will be fun!


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