Sunday, January 15, 2012

Toymaker joins MadPea Games

 We met Eolene on Hoshi Island, the place where MadPea Games develops all its fantastic hunts. The only thing about Hoshi Island is legend has it, if you stay in one place too long, tentacles grow out of the road way. Accompanying Eo, were Harter, Kiana and Mido, fellow contributors in MadPea Games creations. We asked Eolene just what is in store for any unwary player/victim that embarks on the new and wonderful game Sanity Falls. This is Eolene's interpretation and drawing of the final cut.
Kiana was busy writing the Outlines for the hunt and we were watching out for tentacles that might just spring up out of the road way. In its proverbial fashion, Second Life lag was at play and some of the people present were greyed out, this is just one of the mysterious delights of second life that the more seasoned players and participants get used to. We asked Eolene how she became involved in MadPeas games. She mentioned in her humble fashion, "I bugged them to do their bingo games, but I was not official then" she explained. After speaking with Pearers, an affection name for groups of MadPea Games officials, after sometime she was taken on by the Peas, running Bingo is just one of her talents.
Her other talent is building and creating Toyland. An exquisite little haven of Toys, larger than the average avatar and some may feel scared or intimidated by their childhood toys springing to life. The television, etch sketch, brightlights, and her favourite Connect Four.  Eo told us how she became involved with the last hunt, and made a sign for it.
Eo has also been in second lifes version of Survivor and she has created things for Firefly. We wanted to know if Bozo was going to get a part in Sanity Falls as we believe every avatar should be knocked out once or twice by this scary inflatable clown that hides in Toyland.
 "He would need a new texture" Eo suggested, well we seriously think that guy is scary enough but if you want to make him even scarier.  Just what are we and the innocent players going to let themselves in for with Sanity Falls?

Eo smiled "its going to be a dream, and kind of scary, in a dark kind of way," she replied.

So if we think her larger than avatar sized toys are scary, may be we just play too many MadPea Game hunts for our own good? What will Eo produce for Sanity Falls? Innocent clowns that bop you one on the nose? dolls like Chucky? But she said no toys, so what exactly will she build?

Looks like we all just have to wait and see what on "secondlife" MadPea Games has in store for the unwary victim or innocent game player.

What we do know is that Sanity Falls is going to be a revoluntionary game and not your average hunt, and more scary and challenging than Peatonville Asylum, which was so scary it scared itself and blew up!!!

Sanity Falls is going to follow in the footsteps of Peatonville, with an even scarier story from the writers, and fantastic creators, designers, and choreography/scripting.  Its all a bit of a mystery that we are slowly peeling back the wrapping paper from and showing you what it might be. There again, what we think Sanity Falls is you might think differently.

Perhaps it will be so scary you just won't venture back if the game sends you home with these words ringing in your ears as you teleport homeward.
"You have been sent home, because you DIED"
That scary moment when you realise you're not invincible in Second Life before and have now unwittingly entered a new realm of the unknown.
For those who spend too long in one place, on Hoshi, beware the tentacles of Hoshi Island. Yes they really do exist or do they just exist in the mind of the creators of  MadPea Games.Where anything can happen, its just a game though right?
By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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