Monday, January 16, 2012

“Show and Tell” was a Huge Fun!

Yesterday the first contest was held with great success. Lorin Tone assisted by Judi Newall has done a great job. As expected 6 participants were soon logged on the board and the fun started. Each had 10 minutes time to rez the work, to tell about it and answer questions from the audience. Everyone had fun and the prize pool has been enlarged by generous donations. After the presentation the audience had to vote.

Here are the lucky winners:

Contest Pro Board (Classic) v1.10: shouts:
Marianne McCann received 9 votes and wins 1008L!
Xon Halostar received 8 votes and wins 896L!
Inventor Alchemi received 6 votes and wins 672L!
Cobalt Oh received 4 votes and wins 448L!
Takni Miklos received 2 votes and wins 224L!
Jur Moonites received one vote and wins 112L!
June Forsythe received one vote and wins 112L!
Marianne McCann was happy and surprised. Her work was a nice multiple picture frame. The owner just needs to drag his own pictures on the white spaces. The easy handling and the nice work convinced the visitors. Marianne was happy and surprised:

Quan Lavender: so this evening was good success for you
Marianne McCann: Ya, very happy! An unexpected win!
Quan Lavender: I am glad for you.  Are you going to sell it?
Marianne McCann: I am, in my stores in Bay City - Imaginario and in Livingtree
Quan Lavender: Oh cool, so thank you very much and congrats again!
Marianne McCann: Thank you, and you are welcome

Everyone is looking forward to “Show and Tell” next Sunday!

by Quan Lavender

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  1. Can't wait for the next one, I couldn't compete with the contestants but I bet there are lots of peas out there that could.