Thursday, April 5, 2012

Takes from Sanity INN tavern visitors' book

Sanity Falls visitors:(2012-03-26 15:17) Alrunia Ahn: 'Gorgeous. What else to say. Gorgeous!!'
Sanity Falls visitors:(2012-03-26 22:36) Athene Forder: 'Truly, truly impressed with the extensive detailing and imagination!!
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-03-31 19:41) Allco Nostram: 'I am very impressed with the setting, enviroment and storyline. Very well done!'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-01 19:54) Bryn Oh: 'I solved it!  It was the butterfly.'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-01 20:35) claudia222 Jewell: 'i dont want my wive anymore i married bryn in the pub :D'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-01 21:37) Myndi Meredith: 'LOVE all your hard work, and endless creativity!
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-02 00:24) Lea Vendetta: 'The beer is stale here and the couch smells like a cat died on it...'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-02 05:53) NyanX3 Resident: 'Wow i love this hunt. So different so fun... The sim design was amazeing and the items that were added as gifts... WOW do another one :D'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-02 13:17) Herrick Lane: 'This is really awesome! I love finding stuff like this in SL! Great job!'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-02 14:44) SAFFROSE Meridoc: 'i came.. i saw.. i  conquered?? Love MadPeas!!'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-02 16:02) AnnaDalilah Silverfall: 'ok so far she was with some guy and vanished who is he who was watching them and I could live here!'
05:17]  Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-02 20:44) Elpeo Perl: 'i  use to know who took livea til i took a arow to the knee'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-03 03:30) Jalina Haven: 'Such a beautiful visit. I especially love the..DEAR GODS WHAT WAS THAT?! *the rest of the page is coverd in blood*'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-03 03:41) Satyia Infinity: 'This is probably the best hunt idea I've seen in a long time. Wandering it as a Silent Hill Nurse adds flavor!'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-03 06:19) Trinity Vuissent: 'Breathtaking - I am hooked. '
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-03 08:08) Pixels Sideways: 'I blame all my future nightmares on the creators....  '
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-03 08:15) Bigscreen11 Resident: 'This is Fantastic so Far.  Can not wait to play more.  Who needs sleep anyways
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-04 12:10) Alison Mandrake: 'the Reason I came to SL to begin with hearing of puzzle adventures, Thank you!'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-04 14:25) Rinn Silversmith: 'The best Hunts in all of Sl!'
Sanity Falls visitors: (2012-04-04 17:04) Thalia Lupindo: 'Awsome Game :D'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-04 21:21) Thisbe Blackadder: 'that bridge would be a good jumping spot for a suicide attempt'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-04 22:04) Xiola Linden: 'spooky. love it!'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-05 01:19) Stefanos Soderstrom: 'Delightfully macabre.....will come again.'
Sanity Falls visitors:  (2012-04-05 02:02) Odin Nyn: 'This is FANTASTIC!'

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