Wednesday, April 4, 2012

YAY - More than 500 Hunters in 3 Days!

Not even three days of hunting and we already had this afternoon our hunter No. 500. Eolene Uralia, part of the Sanity Falls builders team and participating shop owner (Peachy Keen) was so excited, that she spontaneously decided to donate a prize of 500 Linden for the 500. hunter.

So the team waited with tense and the winner was Janina Scarmon Silversmith.

The beautiful model was really surprised as she never won a Linden Dollar prize in a MadPea game before. Of course we wanted to take a group picture and we met for a beer at the Sanity Falls Inn. Eolene appeared as rubber doll, which also is to be seen in the hunt. After we finished laughing about the rubber doll we took our photo:

From right to left: Eolene Uralia, Rinn Silversmith, Janina Scarmon Silversmith and me

Janina could not wait to start hunting and said: “This is my fifth Madpea Hunt and each one is better than the last!   MADPEA is the BEST!!  :D“

Thank you Janina Scarmon Silversmith and happy (or shall we better say scary?) hunting!

by Quan Lavender

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