Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ahoy Store Owners! A NEW hunt in sight!

We are NOW accepting applications for our upcoming October hunt! Since it's Halloween and all, the storyline and settings are superscaryevil!

Poke Kiana Writer, Elizabeth Tinsley or Clicquot Oh in-world for an application form.

 Here's the story behind the new hunt that will start October 5th with a bang!

T h e  S t o r y  B e h i n d  T h e  H u n t:

Mary Millar was a notorious psychopath, who experienced a brutal death under sinister circumstances in the Peatonville Asylum in 1934.

She was nicknamed 'Praying Mary' due to gruesome killings of three of her husbands. Sweet and innocent looking, Mary was never a suspect during the investigation of the first two husbands. She was highly manipulative and lied so easily that she even fooled the lie detectors. After the wedding night, her first husband was found stabbed to death in his bed and Mary kneeling in a praying position next to the bed. The husband had been stabbed several times and everything in the house looked like it was an outsider job.

She married the police officer investigating the case and the same thing happened. During the wedding night, the second husband was stabbed and the male genitalia cut off and stuffed inside his mouth, Mary again found praying by the bed. It was believed that whoever killed the first husband had come back, and that there was a man obsessed with Mary and was killing her husbands.

Mary played the part of a grieving widow well. A year later husband number three was found killed exactly the same way and questions started to rise. There were no evidence leading to Mary and she got away until two years later, after the wedding to husband number four. The police were prepared for this and caught Mary just as she was about to kill her sleeping husband. Mary denied everything and claimed it was all a misunderstanding. Her motives were never understood.

The number XVIII was engraved over and over on Mary's cell, but no one could figure out the meaning for that.

Millar's abandoned house was long closed from public until it was eventually sold to a family fairly recently. While refurbishing the house, they discovered a hidden journal in between the planks on the floor.

The journal seems to be written by Mary herself and it desribes clearly how Mary did not only kill the three men who married her, but also the 15, who refused her proposal. After some thorough investigation it's been confirmed, that 15 men went indeed missing during the years of 1920 and 1933. The grounds of the former Millar house were turned upside down, but no bodies were found. The journal is the only clue of what has happened to these men. On each page of the journal, next to the description of the killings, Mary has drawn a cross with jibberish on it. It's believed that when someone deciphers the message, the bodies of the men can finally be found and their souls released to rest in peace.

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