Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lennon Park Massacre Hunter Interviews

Hello Peas!
According to our MadPea data, there are some very fast and fearless hunters out there, hiking along those Lennon Park trails and camping grounds.  Yes, so fast, that we had to catch up with a couple of them and get a few questions answered. We were able to ask two of them, about their recent encounter with our latest hunt, The Lennon Park Massacre.

Are you just as curious as we are to know about what they thought about this hunt? Well, here is what Caresia Adored had to say about being the first person to complete this hunt and her hunting skills.  She will go down in MadPea History as the first huntress to complete this hunt on the first day it launched 9/1/13, 2:13 pm, in 2h and 48 minutes.

What did you think about the Lennon Park Massacre hunt?
Caresia Adored: Very clever storyline, and even though actually getting the HUD was challenging due to some weird stuff going on with the sim... I loved how it was laid out...and I thought the
                                HUD and all the pictures were extremely well done...

Caresia Adored: Also thought the sim was just great... I went to camp as a totally related ... and creeped out a bit *laughs*... we all had those "fears," about camp as children.

Did you find the hunt challenging?
Caresia Adored: It was challenging...and figuring out where all the places were located on the island definitely took me the most time... I had hand drawn my own map so I could navigate around quicker... as for finding the items at the different merchant parcels...the clues were pretty much dead on  if you thought about it... :)

Is there any advice you would give hunters, when doing this hunt?

Caresia Adored: Pay attention to how things are worded... think about things logically and keep a notepad nearby for your own sanity...*laughs* and have fun with it... and...after you are done... enjoy the sim and re-check out all the places you blew through to find what you needed ... :)  
Way to go, Caresia!

We were also able to chat with our fastest hunter, ENIGMA473 Federal, who completed the hunt on: 9/3/13, 12:19 am in 0h 51 minutes.

What did you think about the Lennon Park Massacre?

Enigma: it was one of the most challenging and fun hunts I've done so far in  Second Life.

Would you recommend doing this hunt to others?

Enigma: Yes and I have.

Yay! and last question, Is there any advice you would give hunters, when doing this hunt?

Enigma: Read the clues carefully and think.

Woot! Enigma!

If you have been wondering about your stats or what your standings are when it comes to taking part in The Lennon Park Massacre Hunt.  Then look no further, because here is a link that will give you just that :

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