Friday, September 6, 2013

Lennon Park Massacre: Prize Preview

Lennon Park Massacre

Prize Review

The Lennon Park Massacre has been open and entertaining the public now for about one week. The reviews and feedback has been overwhelming in response. People rave about how awesome the sim is, how intense the story and game play is. However there is still a bunch of you out there sitting on the fence with this hunt? 100+ people have already completed this hunt, and few have already gone 

to run through it again for the second time.

What is it you want to know before you step foot into Lennon Park?

You say you want to know what the prizes are you will receive along with the amazing story and entertaining game play? Well, I think we can make that happen.

Here is the full list in order of the amazing gifts you will get from the vendors of
The Lennon Park Massacre.


Get yourself a lovely beach house from WAR BUGS!

#2 Eclectica

Get your "Candle in the Wind" feel with these hippie Elton John style sunglasses.

#3 MiChiGaNs ShAcK

Have a piece of the very hunt itself with your own crashed
Lennon Park Camp Bus!

Also if you are feeling cuddly or maybe a lil bit more?
Get one of these tents and see how the night leads.

#4 Love Zombie

It looks like someone's archery skills are not too good. 
This gift allows you to have a few arrows in your body to give the point, your partner has no aim.

#5 United InshCon

Talk to the dead and reconnect with lost pets with
this cool little seance set up.

#6 Bentham Forest

What is that in the log over there? It looks so cute and cuddly. 
Why don't you climb in and take a look?

#7 .::VIVID::.

Nice His & Her outfits fit with the theme, ripped and bloody!

#8 Liquid Candy

Handful of goodies here! Male & Female skins, Pendant of Hatred,
Bloody Machette, Snuggle Blankie, slippers and serial killer "unisex" cargos.

#9 Abranimations

Abranimations gives you an AWESOME 15 pack variety pack of dances!

#10 22769 ~ casual coutrure

Become part of the staff or the most popular kids in the school
with these great his & her outfits!

#11 The Elegant Goth

Campfire & Tent with seating for two!

#12 {Co*Motion}

Small campsite with texture change tent, animated sleeping bag and scripted campfire!

#13 Sage

Nice His & Hers Staff outfits.

#14 Les sucreries de Fa

Little spooky campsite, complete with scare crow,
crow, rain, fog and two tents!

#15 *paper moon*

Leather Feather Backpack w/ strap holding AO.

Bloody tent under an apple tree.

Now you see all the amazing gifts you get as well as the amazing game
play you always expect from any MadPea Production.

What are you waiting for? 



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