Sunday, September 8, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Fuschia Nightfire

As the anticipation for Unia grows within us, so does the excitement.  Many of you are curious and are probably wondering what Unia will be like.  What is really happening behind the scenes, and who exactly are the collaborators in the making of the masterpiece Unia.  It takes an array of talented and special people to create something so awesome as Unia will be.

Who is Fuschia Nightfire?  

She is one of the special elements collaborating in the making of Unia, and I was able to meet up with her, and chat. I asked her some questions, to get an insight of who she is and what part she plays in this massive garden and MadPea crew.                       
Will you please present yourself, and business on second life?
Fuschia Nightfire: "I am an artist in RL and on SL. In RL I paint murals, and in SL I do all sorts of stuff. I don't have a business as such. This is my RL website showing my murals and paintings and youtube channel, showing some of my videos from SL."

When and why did you join sl?
Fuschia Nightfire: "I joined SL in January 2008, and the reason was that I am married to a World of Warcraft addict. I had seen a documentary about how people on SL were leaving their long time spouses for people they met on SL, so I told my husband I was going onto SL to find myself a new husband. lol, Obviously, I didn't find one. I am still with the same one, and he is still a WoW addict."

What part do you play in this arrangement, of the minds and fabulous creators, in the making of Unia. How does it help orchestrate in the development of Unia?
Fuschia Nightfire: "I have always admired the MadPea creators, so when I was given the opportunity to be a part of it by creating one of the dream scenes, I jumped at the chance."

What was your first encounter with MadPea Productions?
Fuschia Nightfire: "It seems like MadPea has always been around on SL, but I have never really had much spare time to play hunts or games on SL, as I am nearly always building. So it has to be something special for me to spend time doing something different, like the crazy hair hunt!
I had never done any of the MadPea games or hunts until Carnevale and I made a video for the contest there."

What should we expect to see from what you do, in Unia?  
Fuschia Nightfire: "aha! giant bugs that are after your blood!"

Describe something about Unia that will separate it from all of the MadPea Productions, works and creations. How is it different?

Fuschia Nightfire: "omg! I think it will be the most incredible MadPea experience EVER!
The crew are putting so much effort into this and all the invited artists are adding something a little extra too, like for my part, Indigo is scripting my bugs and he has really brought them to life, they even scare me!"

Why should Peas, be excited about Unia?
Fuschia Nightfire: "It will totally blow their minds!"

Anything you would like to say to the Crew, about doing this together?
Fuschia Nightfire: "I love that they have invited other artists into this project, I have seen a little of what the others have done and I think it expands the MadPea image to have the other styles of work as part of the project."

Thank you Fuschia, for this interview!


MadPea Community Assistant Manager & PR
HOPE Leissa

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