Monday, September 9, 2013

Lennon Park Gacha: Backpack Prize Preview

Lennon Park Gacha
Backpack Prize Preview

So you finished the hunt and you still have the hunting bug in your blood? You say you are just not ready to leave Lennon Park yet? You need something more to feed that hunting monster with in you?

So you say you want more? Well, we have more to give you!

If you didnt notice, with this hunt we have added a little bonus for those wanting more then just the game! This time we added a gacha machine with 4 backpacks.  You can wear the backpack as a lovely accessory while you are hiking around the park PLUS each backpack holds ONE special tool. This special tool, when used with a specific item on the sim, will give you a bonus gift. That is FOUR extra prizes on top of the 15 gifts you get from our fabulous vendors in the hunt!

The gacha is located at the landing spot for the Lennon Park Massacre.
Pay 50L for one backpack which is randomly selected for you every time.

Now I know all of you are out there going,
but what do I get with each backpack?

Here are the prizes and a preview of each item that is
associated with that specific backpack.

Back Pack #1

The prize associated with backpack #1

A fountain made by Noctis comes with a drinking animation.

Backpack #2

The prize associated with backpack #2

Some amazing beach chairs made by TBF. These chairs are an attchment!
 So that means you can use these anywhere!

Backpack #3

The prize associated with backpack #3

Boudoir makes this lovely bikini for the ladies to go and sport on the beach!

Backpack #4

The prize associated with this backpack #4

Get your very own Lennon Park Tent setup designed
by our own Lindsey Warwick!

 So, those are all the amazing BONUS prizes you get when you play
the Lennon Park Massacre Gacha.

So grab yourself a pack and get hunting!


We are aware of how some Gacha machines might be ran on the grid, but there is no rule to how every one of them should be ran.  The Lennon Park Massacre Gacha's are set at 50L each and it is a "completely" random giver. There is no saying you will get all four in a row or otherwise. Please be aware that when you do play this game you are doing
so out of choice and this is a game of chance.

The backpacks are also not transferable, this is due to
the prizes that are in connection to each backpack.

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