Thursday, September 13, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Ravensong

So many great gifts in the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt! Today we present Ravensong:

"Hi there readers, I am Raven and I make SL Props.
I make the props that YOU may need for your builds. --in the form of FULL PERM BUILDERS TOOLS
Sculpts / Textures / Animations / Scripts / Particles.
The telephone, the cabinet, the grotto, the basket, the tree, .the sit, the hug, the texture for the castle,
the wooden table, the bed linen...and so on.
I makeBuilders Tools  for a very diverse Range of people and Themese, in my own unique style
...Gorean/Medieval / Fantasy/ Whimsical/ Petities/ Tinnies /Shabby /Modern/Boho etc,..etc.
..and if i do not have it, Pass me a notecard with your original custom requests."

Here are some of the latest releases:

And see here the hunt gift:

Raven: "When I first read the story of the Pirates adventure, I imagined myself in front of a cozy fire with a special woman in my arms, both reading the journey of The Perfumed Cutlass together.
So I made such a  setting with a Pirate feel to it.
I wanted the hunters to be able to use my gift in their home or cave or nook somewhere, even after the Hunt was over...and appreciate the ambience, with a special someone....because the Hunts' Tale has a very romantic flavour:)"

Here you find all you need to know about the hunt:

Taxi to start location:

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