Sunday, November 4, 2012

MadPea Carneval: First Blog Posts and Videos

Taken by Melusina Parkin
The interest in Madpea's Carneval is simply overwhelming.Yesterday we managed a traffic of 46.000 without huge lag. How can this be possible? Almost all is build in mesh and with few prims. Many still wonder what the benefit of mesh building should be. At the Carneval you can test it.

Taken by Bamboo Dark

See the awesome blog posts:

Kyle Beckett:

Chic Aeon:
Honour McMillan:
Apmel Ibbetson:
Kooky Jules:
Quan Lavender:
FirleFanz Roxley:
Shamera Kohime:
Himitu Twine:
Dido Belle:

Taken by Kooky Jules
And watch here two videos:

"Storybook at MadPea Carneval in Second Live" by Annomis DeVaux:

"The tunnel of doom ( Madpea Carneval in Second Life)" by Annomis DeVaux

All photos are taken from our MadPea Flickr group.

 A big THANK YOU to all contributors! We love what you do.
And don't stop please ;)

Taxi to Carneval:

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