Sunday, November 4, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Love Zombie

Less than 24 hours left to join one of our most successful hunts ever: The Case of Praying Mary. Could you do something better on a November Sunday than solving the lost souls. I case you stuck, you can get help in our inworld group. One of the more than 2.000 players will give you a hint.

And see here the last hunt prize, given by Pistol Mixmaster, owner of Love Zombie:

Pistol Mixmaster: Love Zombie is an alternative women's clothing, accessories, and tattoo store with products ranging from cutesy casual to the oh so bloody.

These are Love Zombie's latest releases:

And see here the prize for the hunters:

Pistol Mixmaster: My prize for the Praying Mary Hunt was a prim butcher knife that attaches to the spine, complete with blood layer tattoo.

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