Saturday, November 3, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: WarBug

ONLY 40 HOURS left to finish the hunt! It is still enough time. Come and use the chance to save those poor lost souls to be greatly rewarded. See here the the 2nd last one hunt prize. Today we talk to Arduenn Schwartzman, owner of WarBug, which is known for the great WarBug airplanes and many more cool and funny items for valuable prizes.

And that is the prize for the hunters:

Arduenn Schwartzman: Japanese anime fan Tanookie was willing to pose for this unique tentacle lamp painting thing, which you can also switch off and use as a coat hanger. Who would have thought octopodi would be so versatile? (And there's an extra gift as well, so make sure you find that cross!)"

Guess, what the extra gift could be ;)

How to start the hunt:

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