Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Italian Carneval Builder

The great success of the Carneval is still overwhelming. See here a blog post by Virus Writer:

Meet today one of our wonderful builders: Penelope Parx

Penelope Parx in front of some of her artworks
MadPea is lucky enough to have some remarkable artists in his team Penelope Parx is one of them. The Italian is artist in RL too and very much respected in Second Life. Here she could create huge sculptures without the limitations given in RL. Penelope laughs: “So I make here gigantic!” We have a look at her works. “Come to see my dear ant’s whores. It was a challenge for me. I made the ants for a show called Ant-Vegas with ants as an example for resistance. My colleagues were thinking that was not able to make an” See for yourself, she could:


And see here some other works by her:

Anyway, team building at Madpea was a new experience for her. She appreciated the help of others and enjoyed to see that her builds could look even better with textures contributed by others.

One of Penelope's works at MadPea: The Candy Shop
A bridge with roof was new for her. They are only needed in countries with snow

Penelope Parx: “All these parts of working and co-operating feel good at Madpea. May be it looks stupid to say...but there I feel to be appreciated for what I am and all behave kindly. I like to work for Madpea. Kiana and Harter were my friends before, they are very good persons. I think there has to be only one head to manage a project and you (artist) need to trust this person taste.” At MadPea she can and when we asked her if she wants to continue at Madpea, she answered: “I hope, that they will have need of me.” They will!

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