Sunday, December 9, 2012

MadPea Event Manager RavenStarr and the Carneval Parade

Hasn't the Frost Hunt been  built wonderful? Besides the hunt itself it is so nice to walk around and enjoy the Winter scenery. Behind the MadPea builds is always teamwork. Today we want to introduce to an important team member at the Enchanted Frost Hunt:

Raven is not for long in SL. She joined in 2011 because of school.  She is in the genetics field and the students presented their research posters inworld at a virtual symposium.  After her research, she started exploring SL and stayed.

One of her big passions in life is art as she  I am a painter in real life.  She uses acrylics and mixed media on her canvases.Raven:  "I love exploring the creations of the artistic visionaries here in Second Life.  It is like walking through a waking dream.  I hope to some day stand among them with my own artwork."

The previous Madpea hunt: Praying Mary
 She does not see herself as a "builder" yet. " I am more of a designer.  I use what I have or find to create an artistic vision.  I have created several private SIMS.  I also collaborated in the creation of the beginning and ending of the Praying Mary Hunt for MadPea."

She designed several places as this private sim for example:

The Enchanted Frost has been her favorite creation thus far.  "Glitch Axelrad asked me to join the creative team on this project.  He and Elizabeth Tinsley told me the storyline and ideas and how they wanted the SIM to feel and I really tried to create that magic.  The success of Enchanted Frost is shared with my creative team: Glitch Axelrad, Elizabeth Tinsley, Harter Fall, and, of course, Momma Pea, Kiana Writer ,I am grateful for the opportunity to work with some amazing people with MadPeas.  This community fosters creativity and keeps me pushing the limits of my imagination."

The Enchanted Frost Hunt

The MadPea team is glad that she commited as Event Manager. The first huge event is ahead:

Raven: "We have a Carneval Parade coming up Dec. 22nd.  It will be a contest!  Contestants will build their floats offsite and show them off during the parade for the crowd to vote."

Read here about the Carneval Parade:

MadPeas will be hosting a parade through Carneval on Dec. 22nd at 12:00 SLT!  There will be a contest for "Best Apocalypse Survivalist" parade float.  Floats will be judged by the crowd, so get your creative mojo going and build an AMAZING parade float!  Theme is "I Survived the Mayan End of the World!".  Because Peas ROCK and we'll be the last ones standing!  Either that, or we tripped the guy in front of us. :)

Get the  Parade Float from the MadPea inworld group notes- Join the group here: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about

There will be prizes for best float!
BEST APOCALYPSE SURVIVALIST = 3000 L Giftcard to the MadPea store to deck out your own Survival Bunker!!

Please send a notecard to Ravenstarr Resident indicating your entry into the parade with a quick description of your float to be read during the parade. Entries are DUE BY DEC 20!

There will be music, dancing and free gifts for all who come!

Taxi to Carneval:

How to join the Enchanted Frost Hunt:

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