Sunday, February 3, 2013

Story of Love Contest

Create a 5-panel Comic strip telling us a "Love Story".....good or bad.  Get creative!! 

Entries DUE FEBRUARY 14th.

* MUST be 5-panels with  dialog.
*At least one photo must be taken at ANY MadPea SIM.
* Artistic nudity ok, but no blatant naughty bits or pixel porn. 
* Email your submissions to  Include your avatar name!
*MadPea Staff will vote for the top FIVE finalists. 
The finalists will be posted on our Facebook page for open vote
1st - 2000L  2nd - 1000L  3rd- 500L

I'm uping the ante!  Grand Prize wins a chance to use the garden of the Love Potion No 9.9 SIM for your wedding or to renew your vows!
You MUST have one of your pictures in the cartoon panel taken on the Love Potion No 9.9 SIM.

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to have your wedding MadPea style!!!

Get in your panels to me!

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