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Love Potion No. 9.9 - Gifts

Love Potion No. 9.9
Gift Review


We here at MadPeas pride ourselves in every aspect it takes to put out some of the best and most memorable hunts Second Life has to offer. We also know that everyone loves getting great gifts, that they are going to use and have fun with. So we decided to show you the gifts you are getting with the Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt. We have some of the best designers on the grid contribute and be vendors for our hunts, so there is always amazing gifts. 

So if you were wondering if this hunt is worth it? Here let us entice you with the goodies you will get when you complete this beautiful romp through fantasy and love with Love Potion No. 9.9.

1.) Dwarfins
Exclusive Hunt Gift especially for MadPeas. Fully rigged male and female dwarfin avatars.

2.) Cerridwen's Cauldron
Beautiful fantasy piece named appropriately "Paradise Bat Orchid". This plant acts like a bat as the flowing tentacles will tend to flap every now and then like the wings of a bat. The small portrait of the Paradise Bat Orchid is an added extra in its own environment on gorgeous sim of Cerridwen's Cauldron.

 3.) ChiC Buildings
Alchemist's Table with books and flasks, over it is a very nicely made book shelf with working door. Lastly to complete this gift is some Alchemy symbols to place on your wall.

 4.) T R I D E N T
Trident gives us something special to adorn around our neck with 2 versions of a love elixir necklace pendant. The first version is a small flask with what I assume is blood?? The second version is a little more macabre as you can keep the heart of the one you love around your neck in the flask. 

5.) Fantavatar & Moonstruck
Open the gift from Fantavatar & Moonstruck and you will get a full avatar for a female and male water fae. The female is more detailed than the male, adding with the water painted body parts, animated water textures and comes with a beautiful blue water animated hair piece. The amazingly detailed wings that look like splashing water just add to finish the whole avatar. The male avatar comes with the same water speckled tattoo and animated textures on the shoulders. *The silks chain skirt on the avatar in the picture is NOT a part of the original gift.

6.) Sakide
Feeling the love in the air and want to cuddle up with the someone special? Sakide gives you some sexy lingerie with a corset and for the men some leather boxers. The lingerie set does come with a Tango Applier.

7.) White Gallery by Nessuno Myoo
This is a lovely art piece of a hot air balloon with spilling letter blocks that is sure to spruce up your home with class and flair.

8.) Ankle Biter
Do you like fae and fantasy? Then the Ankle Biter gift will definitely make you smile. The detail in the entire outfit is very well and beautifully done. There is a version for both the female and male and then on top of that a version for both in a petite. Tiny details include butterflies and tiny little birds on the ears, the gorgeous butterfly like wings and the curved playful tail with the hanging decorate crystal balls. The entire outfit for the male or female is in a very nice color of tartan red.

Female Avatar

Female Petite

Male Avatar & Male Petite

9.) Druidamus Whispers
Hey are you lacking some killer jewelry? Well Druidamus Whispers has got you covered with its gift containing 4 necklaces and one super special exclusive JUST for you Peas. Love in dilema is a nice choker style with a vivid red heart with two sets of hands holding it. Date with a vampire is a choker/necklace with some lovely red and white beads and a blood heart and a single vampire fang dangling in the middle of it. Infinite love is a perfect and very cute necklace for the ladies with two hearts connecting together, a perfect example of simple and beautiful. Two hearts on wood is made for men as a necklace with a small black piece of wood with two hearts in the bottom corner of it, making it masculine and still showing your love to your significant other. Pea in captivity is made just for us and this hunt alone, with a small "MadPea" captivated in a cage moving and jumping around. 

 Special Bonus for MadPea 

10.) * Amaranthus *
Some jewelry just for the ladies! This little locket is a cute shape of a perfume bottle and has two designs. Both of the designs will open and reveal one of two things inside it. One will hold a tiny note that says I love you and the other holds a tiny "love" potion.

11.) Whimsical Wonders
So you say you really like Valentines day and you want to show your serious festive side to this holiday of love and admiration? Why not live in a giant candy box in the shape of a heart? Whimsical Wonders has made Valentine's Day Platforms just for that. There is 4 sizes and styles so it will fit any need or want. 

12.) OMGWTFL$10
Is your sweet tooth so obsessive that you just want to wear a cupcake like jewelry? Well hey! You are in luck with the witty and creative gift from OMGWTFL$10. This little necklace is in the shape of a tasty cupcake, that if you touch it will open revealing a colorful inside to it. 

13.) Zanze/Zenshi
Classy and slick Zanze/Zenshi makes this lovely little his and hers watches. The design is exactly the same to one another with the store logo in the middle. 

Male and Female Fashion Watch

14.) Fallen Gods Inc.
Fallen Gods puts two amazing little goodies in their gift box. First gift is a tattoo, which is labeled "Love Alchemy" and is tintable. The second give is a absolutely beautifully designed hot tub in the shape of a heart. It is decorated with some wine a book and a single candle which is also menu operated to make it smaller or larger. The hot tub does have some very nice animations in it as well.

15.) MadPeas
So you say when you were doing the hunt you really loved the way the library looked? Well we here at MadPeas say here have it. Yes as the 15th and final gift from MadPeas we give you the entire mesh library build. Beautiful textures, included inside are the book shelves, ladders and chandeliers. The build even is set up high with the side stairwell to the underside of it, so this will make an amazing piece to your home or sim. Enjoy.


Alright so now that you have seen what you can get on this amazing hunt, what are you waiting for?

Why don't you get started?


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