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Halloween Stories: Part II

We received a lot of stories for our Halloween Hunt Writing Contest, and from September 16th we're publishing one each day until October 6th - when the Winner's story opens as a hunt!
Read them all and stay curious.. who's story got turned into the hunt?

The stories released are unedited and pasted as submitted to us.
- Kiana -

Today's story is called:

Halloween by Azure Daxeline


For most people October 31 is a day to dress up and eat too much candy, but not for these three friends. Azure, Pea and Alexis grew up together, and when the graduated from school they moved in with each other. Every Halloween they would come up with elaborate schemes to scare the wit wits out of each other. The three girls left their house early this morning, headed for some small southern town where Alexis had heard there was this real haunted house. The road droned on as they sped down highway cramped into Azure's old Chevy pickup her parents had given her. The girls were singing loudly to the tunes streaming from the radio, to drown out the sound of the wheels humming on the poorly maintained road.

 "Lexi, look at the map, we have to be getting close to this place, Mortwood, or whatever you called it…” Alexis grabbed the map and replied automatically to Azure "Morrowwood, it is called Morrowwood” flipping the map over and turning it around a few times,"I think we are almost there... It should be around the next big corner". 

 Pea laughed grabbing the map from Lexi and looking for herself, "you never could read a map Lexi". Lexi tried to grab the map back and the two girls struggled playfully for a moment. Azure slowed the truck down as she came upon an old beaten sign, this was Morrowwood no doubt about it. 
 The town was in a harsh state of repair, most of the buildings had the windows and doors boarded up, and there were only a few cars parked along what the girls took for Main Street. 

 Azure made a face as they drove past the town hall and sheriffs office, she let out a exaggerated sigh, "I’ll bet there isn't even a outlet mall here, what are we going to do till tonight?” "I'm starving, I vote that we eat", Pea piped up and pointed over to a diner on the side of the road. 

The diner looked in as good a shape as the rest of the town, but there was an 'open' sign on the door, Pea hit Azure on the shoulder and pointed again, making sure she saw the place. Azure pulled over and parked, grumbling under her breath "I feel dirty and I haven't even gone in to the place yet". The girls stepped out of the cramped truck, Pea and Azure were a little sore from the drive, but Lexi was in agony. Alexis stretched her hands above her slender six foot body, and groaned, "I always feel like we should cover ourselves in sardine oil before getting into your truck Azzy". Azure smiles walking up beside Lexi, Azure's head just able to make Lexi's shoulder ," I don't think it is too small, what do you thing Pea?" Pea smiled and nodded, Pea was a little shorter than Azure, “Personally I think we need a smaller car…” Pea teased winking at Lexi. 

 The diner was a typical greasy spoon, a chrome lined counter with swiveling bar stools and on one side a row of booths, Azure made her way for the first booth,, she stopped looked at the stains and moved on till she found a relatively clean one. Pea sat with her giving Azure a tap for her to move over more, Lexi sat across from them picking up the little plastic menu off the table. Pea craned her head, looking around the small place, it was empty, except for a waitress and a cop sitting at the counter drinking a cup of hot coffee. Azure busied herself by taking napkins out of the stainless steel holder, and doing her best to clean the table. 

The waitress, a woman clearly in her sixties, walked over flipping three of the cups on the table she holds up the coffee pot,"Ya'll want coffee?” Azure slips her hand over her cup as quick as lightning, "Uhmm could I get another cup, this one is dirty.” The waitress pours the other two girls cups full, having heard no complaints from them, then grabs Azures cup from the table looking at her "Will you be wanting anything else princess?" Without missing a beat Azure shrugs her shoulders, “I haven't seen the menu yet, I’ll order when you come back with my clean cup." Lexi passes the menu over to Azure as the waitress walks away, the cop at the counter stands and walks towards the girls. Like the waitress he also is on the worse side of sixty, short black and grey hair wearing a tan uniform and a belt that has everything on it except the kitchen sink. "Happy Halloween ladies, I'm Sheriff Marcus Benson, what brings you to out little slice of heaven?" 

 Lexi smiles at the officer, "We heard about this haunted house in your town, it is supposed to be real scary, thought we might look around”. A grim look crossed the sheriff’s face, then he shook his head, "A haunted house you say? I suppose all the houses will be haunted tonight, it is Halloween.” He looked sternly, straight at Lexi “but we don't have any specific, haunted homes here girls". "What are you talking about Marcus!” the waitress called out as she came back with Azure's new cup," they are talking about the old Blue house, everyone knows it is haunted". She sets the cup in front of Azure pouring before she can complain again, the Sheriff's eyes moved to look at the waitress, obviously he was disappointed with her. "Yes,, i suppose i forgot about that place... thanks for reminding me Velma",, looking back at the three girls, putting his friendliest face on, the one he reserved for his reelection campaigns," Well girls, the Blue House is supposed to be , haunted, but I don’t put any stock in that mumbo jumbo. It was an old Whore house, but it burned down in the seventies, it is just a wreck of a building now. You three can go out today and look at it if you like, if that will satisfy your curiosity, take some pictures, poke around. I don't suppose that will bother anyone, but don't! I repeat Don't! go in at night, that place is, well , kinda unstable, you girls could get hurt in there in the dark. " 

 The three continued to ask questions as they drank their coffee, they even ordered a meal except for Azure, who just drank coffee. The waitress was happy to tell the girls about the old whore house, it had been one of the most famous cathouses back in the fifties and sixties. The 'Blue House' brought people from all over the country, politicians, movie stars; it seemed that everyone frequented that place at one time or another. The place was run by one woman and her son, all the girls’ were styled as her 'daughters' and there was even a quaint little diner on the main floor for the patrons. You could go get a pie, a drink and a lot of action at any time of the night. The House mother, a woman named Clara Beckingsmith always chose beautiful girls to work for her, to be her ' daughters', and each of the girl's she choose was well endowed, she seemed to believe bigger is better. The wai9tress even produced a picture of Clara, taken in the sixties sometime. It showed a woman with graying hair but striking good looks, and like her 'daughters' she too was very voluptuous. Azure shifted in her seat crossing her arms in front of her small breasts, Azure was half Japanese and by anyone’s account she was very pretty, but she was always self conscious of her slender, almost boyish form. After an hour of chatting the girls got up paid their bill and said goodbye,, The sheriff warned the three girls once again, not to go into the house at night, then bid them good day. 

After Lexi's complaints as they crammed into the truck the three were off driving toward where the house should be. It was only a few moments when they came upon the road the waitress had told them about and they soon found themselves driving through the forest. The road had been over grown so much only a single lane was left to drive on, but it didn’t seem likely that they would come across any traffic on this road. Azure pulled the truck up in front of the huge house. It was a mansion at one time; maybe this was a farm or plantation long ago, now it was in shambles. The front door was missing completely and it had definitely had a fire in it, but it was still standing, having been made way stronger than modern houses, Azure ran her hand along the wood molding around the glassless windows, yep she could still see flecks of blue paint, she laughed to herself thinking that the paint was only half of the reason for the name. Lexi moved in to the foyer, a grand staircase curved up to the top floor, and a double door on the main led deeper into the house. The heavy double doors seemed to swing open slightly as if to beckon the three of them on. Azure and Pea looked at each other and quietly, smiled and then snuck up behind Lexi… all at once they both grabbed Lexis ribs scaring her. "AHHHHHH, Crap you two, I almost pee'd myself". Lexi scowled at both of them, “Come on now! This place is scary enough!” 

 "Scary, it is just an old house, I don't see what is so scary about it," Pea exclaimed as she casually walked around," I mean the sheriff and the waitress did a great job talking it up, they probably get paid by the towns tourist board," she laughed and pushed on the huge double door it creaked and opened, revealing a huge parlor, emptied of everything but soot. “Well they were right about the fire, this place is gutted, I am surprised it is still standing". Azure glanced around staying in the foyer, "I have to disagree with you Pea, this thing goes right off the creepiness scale, you can feel something dark in the air". Lexi giggled and walked toward the stairs, “I don't know about you two, but I am going up to find one of the 'well used beds'. She carefully stepped on the huge staircase, feeling that it was solid she slowly proceeded. Pea ran to catch up. "Oh cool, let’s go see the prostitute’s beds," she giggled and ran up the stairs ahead of Lexi. "Wait for me, I’m not staying anywhere in here alone", Azure pursued the two, shivering as she put her foot on the first stair. 

 At the top of the staircase a hallway opened up, lined with doors, Pea was already opening the doors one at a time looking for anything interesting. "Oh here! Come here you two!” Pea disappeared into one of the rooms, Lexi and Azure followed. The room was a good size and there was a full sized oval dressing mirror, a small makeup table and a huge bed, all of it dusty, but untouched by the fire. Azure looked around and then stopped by the mirror; she could never pass a mirror by without looking, at least briefly. Staring back at her as always was a slender, narrow hipped girl with brown eyes and long straight raven hair. She was wearing a grey skirt and a cute silk top that billowed hopefully giving the impression of something larger than her little 'A' cups on her chest, she wore skirts and dresses almost exclusively, as they showed off her best feature, her legs. Azure smiled then moved beside the other two girls, who were looking intently at the bed. Lexi giggled and nudged Azure, “I vote for Azure to be the first to lay in the bed”. Pea laughed and applauded in agreement as Azure protested " LAY DOWN !! , in that mess, no way!", she crossed her arms and shook her head in the same manner she always used when she didn't want to do some crazy thing that Pea and Lexi had come up with. She continued to shake her head but then she sighed, knowing that somehow those two always got her to agree their crazy schemes. After awhile of trying to stare the two down, Azure uncrossed her arms, “OK, I’ll do it for a second, but then you both have to lay down”. Lexi smiled and piped up," Ok, why don’t we all do it together, the bed is big enough". The three girls looked at each other giggling,, they nodded and jockeyed into position along the side of the bed,, nudging each other playfully. Once they had settled and were in place, Lexi counted down," three, two, one...” All three leaned back falling on to the bed. Azure falls, her heart skips as she feels she missed the bed, falling, falling, she throws out her arms to catch herself in an instinctual reaction, but she hits the bed, bouncing beside Lexi. 

She opens her eyes expecting a cloud of dust, but the bed seems clean, she looks over to Lexi who is already staring at her, “OK, now what?". Lexi and Pea get up, the room is darker than it was a moment ago, Azure shakes her head as Pea looks out the window, Pea's shaky voice calls out “UHHH what time is it?" . Lexi pulls her Phone from her pant's pocket looking concerned at the little screen, " My phone is dead, i had a full battery when we left, it, should be working “. Azure gets off the bed, looking at her watch, tapping it, “My watch isn't working either, ok this is weird, I vote we leave right now.” Pea walks from the window "I want to go now, it looks like night out there, and it was before noon when we got here". The three girls open the chamber door and head out back into the hallway, Azure catches her reflection in the mirror, behind her she see's what she thinks is a man on top of a blonde girl, on the bed. She turns around quickly, the bed is empty, looking back at the mirror the image has gone, she shakes it off as her nerves getting the best of her and quickly follows the other girls. 

The hallway looked different, there was carpet down the middle, where there was none before, and when they reached the end they found a door, it wasn't there either. Peas opened the door it led into a dark room, slowly the three inched their way into the room, not a hairbreadth between the three as they clung together shivering, they had flashlights in the truck, but it was bright when they entered , so now all they could do is slowly stumble in the dark. They made their way through the room over to a window, outside they could see a full moon, it was definitely night, and all three were very scared. The sound of an owl hooting made the girls jump in unison, as Azure's eyes became accustomed to the dark she was able to make out the outline of a door, pulling the other two along she moved toward it, opening it. This room made their hearts race, it was empty, with a short sloped ceiling, like you would find in an attic, but they hadn't gone up the stairs, it didn't make sense. The creepiest thing in the room by far was a single lamp, burning in the far corner. Pea steadies herself, gathering her courage she walks toward the lamp,"Who, who could have put this here, it wouldn't burn for long, someone is here with us, lets get out of here!” The girls turn around toward the door, a dark shape stood in the doorway, it cackled and spoke, "I see we have some new applicants, " the old woman moved slowly forward , into the light, her face was as death itself, the boney frame supporting dried rotted flesh, her ruined lips displaying a hideous set of yellow teeth, "Well! Let’s look at ya girls!” 

 No plan had to be made; all three girls ran at the same time, there was a small opening into another room, the only way out of the room that didn't involve going close to the old woman. The opening was painfully small, only a couple of boards wide, Pea and Azure almost dove though the opening, but Lexi got stuck, crouching down she got her head through, Azure and Pea grabbed for Lexi's hand, screaming frantically, Lexi was able to turn and get one hand through, grabbing Pea's hand. The girls smiled together, a little relieved then, Whoosh! Lexi is gone, pulled back through the opening screaming the whole way; the old woman’s voice could be heard above Lexi's panicked screams, "HORACE!” In the distance, but not too far away a reply was heard, a low, harsh voice, with the impression of coming from a big man, “YEAH MOMMA?” "We have intruders,, find the other two girls traipsing around my home," as she spoke the old woman’s voice trailed off, as did Lexi's screams, soon heavy footsteps were heard coming toward the girls. Azure pulled Pea away from the opening and the two girls ran through the dark room, both crying. 

Finding a narrow set of stairs the two frightened girls make their way down. Lexi opens her eyes, disoriented she tries to get up; she thinks she must have passed out or something. Trying once then again she tugs but her limbs won’t move. Lifting her head she realizes her arms and legs are tied down and there is a belt around her waist securing her to a thick wooden table. Opening her mouth wide she calls out for help, but barely a whisper escapes,, her throat is raspy and dry, like she has been screaming for hours, her heart races then the door opens. An old woman, well this was once an old woman, now she is a haggard corpse walks in, behind her like a faithful dog is a huge malformed man, his arms far too long for his thick hunched body. The old woman sets the lamp she was carrying on to a little side table, the light fills the room showing shelves and shelves of porcelain dolls, all different with little dresses and bonnets on their heads. The old woman walked beside Lexi, who was now trembling so hard the whole table shook, the boney hand moved to brush Lexi's hair off of her face, casually the woman spoke, "I like pretty things, when I was little my father would always buy me a new doll when he went to town, each one was prettier than the last…" The old woman smiled and looked over Lexi with clouded eyes. "I Love having a new doll, it is so exciting to dress her, and make her pretty, then she goes on the shelf with the others" . The old woman motioned for the shelves, Lexi's eyes followed and saw not only dolls on the shelves, but they also contained skeletons, sitting, dressed in faded but once beautiful dresses, all with bonnets. Lexi found her voice and screamed, the old woman yelled, "HORACE! Grab the saw; she won’t fit on the shelf like this". 

 Pea and Azure hit the bottom of the stairs crashing into the door, it burst open and the two girls fell into the room. The room was a sixties style diner, not too different from the one they were in that morning, dusty, and years of grime layered all the surfaces in the place. Surprisingly the lights flickered, still functioning, although somewhat impaired the lights gave the room in an eerie feeling. Pea looked at Azure, both of them were out of breath and Pea moved to sit on one of the stools. Azure leaned against the counter, her chest heaving, “We have to go, that thing will be right behind us.” Pea shook her head half from exhaustion, half from disbelief, "No, no way, this isn't real, it can't be. Think about it, Lexi was the one who set this up, she always ends up getting the worst of our Halloween pranks, I guarantee she is trying to get us all back, that is why she disappeared first, “Pea looks over the room, getting up off the stool to walk behind the counter, " I'll bet she is waiting for us in the next room to scare the living shit out of us.” Pea ducked behind the counter “Hey! Look what I found!” Pea came up holding some clothes “Uniforms!" She giggled and tossed one to Azure; holding a cute little dress up to her little frame, "Let's put them on." Azure looked at the white uniform Pea tossed her, and shakes her head, "Hey this is a bus boy uniform!" She threw it to the floor and looked to the doorway, "we are leaving now, come on". Pea was already changing into the waitress uniform. Azure stood staring at Pea shocked, "What are you doing? We got to go NOW!". Pea, much calmer now just stuck out her tongue at Azure and zipped up the back of the cute little dress, pinning the hat on she slowly spoke, almost like you would to a child ," Azure! Lexi is trying to get us to play her game, I say we play it our way, do you hear anyone chasing us? No! Is there any weird deformed man running through the door with an axe? No! So, we wait for her to come to us. Now Azzy, what will it be?” She smiled and mocked holding a pen and pad to take Azure's order. 

The air was sucked from Azure's lungs as the whole feeling of the room changed. A dark figure was now sitting at the end of the bar in a rough voice, “Give me a coffee, honey". Without hesitating in the least, Pea walked over and grabbed a pot of coffee from the back counter; pouring it into a cup in front of the stranger she smiles sweetly, "So you’ve seen the special sweetie?” Azure stared at Pea in total disbelief, her legs went numb and she had to sit down on the stool. What was Pea doing, this has to be real, they were all going to die, Azure's heart pounded like it was going to leap from her chest, and Pea was discussing the special with this big, ugly old man. The old man glanced over to Azure, his eyes froze her in place, then he turned his gaze to Pea, her eyes met his and she seemed to melt, smiling at him like he was her high school sweetheart. "So what else can I get you honey?” Pea was nice, way nicer than she should be. The old man leaned in to her, smiling he whispered in a raspy voice, "Oh, I’ll just have the “Pea” soup." Pea Giggled and turned to the stove. Azure noticed a huge massive pot sitting on the stove; her eyes followed Pea as she slowly stripped in front of the man. Pea was normally shy, way too shy to strip for a stranger, but here she was sliding out of her cute little waitress dress. Soon she was naked, grabbing a chair from the back she hoped up and dangled a toe into the water, "Oh, it is a little hot already," she giggled and stepped right into the huge pot sinking down up to her neck like it was a bathtub. Azure tried, oh how she tried to get up, but her legs were unresponsive, all she could do is watch Pea's cute face poking out from above the pot, the flames licking the sides staining the pot black with carbon. Pea smiled over at Azure, "Hey, Sweetie, I need some stirring". Azure just sat there, unable to move or speak, her best friend was asking her to turn her into soup, this couldn't be happening, but it was. The old man grabbed azure's arm all of a sudden, hauling her off the stool, "Come on boy! Lend a hand!” he shoved a big wooden spoon into Azure's hand and shoved her toward the pot. Azure stumbled forward, her legs barely able to support her, boy, he called me boy, she thought, looking down she was now dressed in the bus boy uniform, her hand went up and felt a cap on her head, the sides of her hair were shaved close, like a crew cut, and chest was flatter than ever. The old man roughly grabbed her arm, shocking her back into the world, he forced her up on the chair, and moved her arm so she stirred the pot. Azure looked down to see her friends smiling face, the water was boiling and she could feel the heat and steam rise up, bits of Pea's flesh had separated and were floating on the surface. Azure almost passed out, but the old man held her in place, and his rough voice rumbled in her ear,"Looks like soup is almost ready", Pea's head sank beneath the surface and the old man let go of Azure to grab a ladle. Azure fell to the ground, the old man ignored her as he got a full bowl, stepping over her he snickered to himself "Don't go anywhere boy, I want some “Azure” pie for dessert." Before his butt could settle into the stool Azure was out the door, it led down a hallway, she ran stumbling from wall to wall finally bursting through a door, she collapsed and puked. Heaving again and again stuck on her hands and knees like a dog she continued for what seemed like hours, till she was laying on her side dry heaving. 

Picking herself off the floor she looked around, she found herself in a huge walk in closet, she was surrounded by beautiful elegant clothes. Looking down she was wearing the bus boy uniform, it was not white but dull grey, streaked with blood and grime, freaking out she stripped out of the clothes that she didn't remember putting on, even her underwear was missing. Soon she was naked and shivering, pawing through the clothes she picked out some cute clean looking panties and a matching bra, slipping it on she stood in front of a full length dressing mirror and looked at herself. Her hair was back, she must have imagined that it was cut, and she looked pretty, except her tiny breasts swam in the huge bra she wore, she frowned at her reflection. An image of a voluptuous blonde overlaid on her reflection for a brief moment, she shook her head and it was gone, she stared into her own eyes grabbing her breasts she sighed. Her hands seemed to push out, surprised she looked down to see her breasts swell, filling the bra, in fact stretching it. Looking in the mirror she now looked like a sexy voluptuous woman, she ran her hands over her new heavy breasts then went to the hangers to find some clothes. She searched and searched, but the clothes were not elegant like she had first thought, in fact they were slutty, after a time she found a tight leather skirt and a corset top that pushed her new huge breasts up and out even further, lacing up a pair of thigh high boots, the only ones that supplied any ankle support at all she looked at her form again in the mirror, now she was a well dressed sexy hooker, she sighed again and moved toward the door on the far side of the room. With a trembling hand she turned the knob opening the door, the room was dusty and filled with shelves, in the middle of the room was a heavy table and straps hung from it. 

The air was thick with a harsh indefinable stench, it made her gag, she turned to leave the room, sure that there was other doors outside the wardrobe room when a little movement caught her eye. She focused in the dim light and could see a life sized doll sitting with her legs splayed straight out, dressed in a cute faded skirt and wearing a bonnet on her head she looked like a perfect doll. Azure soon realized the doll was Lexi, "Oh my god Lexi, are you all right?” Azure ran over. Lexi's face was glazed over with a glass like substance and on inspection her feet and hands were made from porcelain, formed into shape, Azure cried and hugged her friend, who moved frantically but could not stand, panic was fully set into Lexi's eyes and she tried to scramble, but she was obviously unable to bend her knees. Azure lifted and tugged, clumsily trying to get Lexi on her feet, she was way larger than Azure and the two of them struggled for some time, till Lexi was balancing on her legs with both hands firmly on Azure's shoulders for support. Slowly the two of them moved across the room toward the door, it took quite some balancing but after what seemed to be a long time they made it out into the hallway on the other side of the wardrobe room, skittering on the hardwood they continued to search for a door that would lead to freedom. All of a sudden a door down the hallway opened and the old lady stepped out, the girls stopped dead in their tracks and turned to escape, Lexi slipped falling on the hardwood, her legs shattered leaving stumps above the knee tears streamed from her eyes, but all she could do is flick her head, motioning for Azure to run. 

Azure stared at her friend lying on the floor, the old woman clamored towards them yelling, "HORACE! The whore broke my new doll, get out here!" Azure Bolted down and flung open a door that she hadn't tried before, throwing herself in, it looked like the bedroom this nightmare had started in, a small make up table, a full length oval mirror and a huge bed. Across the room there was a window, she moved toward it, as she did she noticed her reflection in the mirror, Blonde hair now cascaded down spilling into her cleavage. She stood for a moment in shock at her new reflection; she didn't even notice the old lady and Horace come in till she saw the grim face behind her in the mirror. Azure screamed and pushed away but Horace grabbed her and back handed her across the face. Azure fell to the bed, hitting her temple on the headboard. Horace and the old lady stood over her, the big mans forearm pressing down on Azure's chest , the old lady cackled, "Now you are gonna work off the damage you little slut! Let me see what I have in my bag for naughty whores like you". Lifting an old doctor’s bag on to the bed, the grizzled old hag lifted a leather and steel collar out, “Hold her down Horace". Azure struggled as the old woman slowly fitted the collar over her neck, with a clicking it locked in place, Horace let her go, Azure quickly brought her hands up to her neck, frantically searching the collar with her fingers, aside from solid rings on the front and back she could feel no latch. The old lady laughed , "Don't waste your time sugar, that collar has no latch, it is meant to be put on only once, no way to get it off" . Horace and the old lady walked toward the door, "Oh sweetie, your first customer is here”. At that point a dark figure walked through the door, "I'm about ready for that pie honey", standing there was the old, ugly man from the diner, Azure gasped, trembling. The old man moved across the room quicker than Azure expected, he grabbed her by the back of the head hauling her light body up, his rough hands roamed over her body, reaching up he grabbed her panties tugging them off from under her skirt, her tossed them to the foot of the bed. In response she swung raking her fingernails across his face, he laughed and slapped her hard enough to make her dizzy, then he lifted his full body on top of her. She squirmed but his weight pinned her, one of his rough strong hands pushed on her corset, popping a breast out, smiling an ugly grin, he reached down to suck on the enlarged nipple. She turned away but could not escape what was happening to her. A thick snake like cock found its way to her tight little pussy; with a sudden thrust he opened her, against her will. Soon he was pumping her as his teeth pulled on her nipple, he was rough but at least the horror was over quickly, with a quivering he filled her cunt with his seed, then collapsing on top of her he nursed off her breast as he fell to sleep. 

 As soon as Azure could push him off without waking him, she slipped out of bed, tugging her skirt down she slipped open the window. As quietly as she could she hung herself out of the window, and dropped. Hitting the ground with a thud that knocked the wind out of her, she struggled to get up. Limping on her high heeled hooker boots, she slipped out front, Damn they must have towed the truck away, there were some classic cars out front, but her truck was nowhere to be seen. She immediately started walking toward town, the moon now hidden behind clouds, it was a frightful walk through the scary woods but after a time she made it to the police station she had passed earlier this morning. Entering the station she recognized a face, it was definitely the face of the Sheriff she met that morning, but a lot younger, this must be his son. Limping up to the counter, “I need to talk to Sheriff Benson”. The young man looked quizzically at her, in her corset and short skirt, her ass hanging out the back and her tits peeking out the top, " Well I don't know about Sheriff Benson girl, but I’m deputy Benson, can I help? " . 

 She detailed her whole story as the deputy looked on, after she was done he handed her a hot coffee and brought her around and led her into one of the offices, "Rest her for a moment, I’ll get this all settled for you." With that he left the room, Azure waited nursing her coffee and trying to calm down. About an hour later he opened the door, “We got this all fixed up Hun”. Behind him a tall, well dressed voluptuous woman appeared in the light, a perfect image of the old woman she saw in the picture at the diner that morning. The deputy smiled "Here she is Clara, a little scared and full of weird stories, but not the worse for wear”. The old woman smiled at the deputy, "Well now this one is not mentally stable, and you know I take care of some, special girls. Would you be so kind as to help me get her into my car Deputy”? Deputy Benson and Clara manhandled Azure into the back of the old woman’s car, in shock Azure fainted into blissful sleep. 

 Waking up she found herself in the same room as before, chained tightly to the solid bed, she slumped into the bed crying to herself. Morning came as any other, and on a hunch Sheriff Benson steered his car down the narrow, grown over road toward the old blue house, he pulled up parking beside the girls pick up, getting out he shook his head, "Shit! I told them not to go at night." Walking up and moving through the doorless frame into the foyer he saw the three girls lying motionless on the floor. He slowly walked over, going through the motions checking for vital signs. Casually he places his fingers on the dead girl’s neck searching for a pulse. When his fingers hit Azure's neck her eyes open, sightless but moving, and she gasps to scream, but only a gargle and some foam spill out of her mouth. Jumping back landing on his ass the sheriff scrambles for his radio, screaming into the receiver , " I need an ambulance at the old blue hose, NOW, get me one NOW! " 

 Azure sits on her bed, the door to her room opens and a large ugly man stands in the doorway, whiskey on his breath and lust in his eyes, like all the rest. Azure lies back on her bed opening her legs and sliding her huge breasts out of her tight corset, far away in the distance an ambulance siren can be heard, far, FAR, away.

- I read this before bed and had some very interesting dreams... Thanks for the great entry! - Kiana

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