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Halloween Stories: The Secrets Of Black Apple Grove

We received a lot of stories for our Halloween Hunt Writing Contest, and from today on we're publishing one each day until October 6th - when the Winner's story opens as a hunt! 

Read them all and stay curious.. did your story get turned into the hunt? 

The stories released are unedited and pasted as submitted to us. 
 - Kiana - 

Today's story is called:

The Secrets Of Black Apple Grove by Candi Roecastle

Character: -Lindsay Rickett-

The small town of Black Apple Grove had always been known for it's candy from Black Apple Candy Company. It was shipped nation wide and hugely popular. But consuming too much candy is never good for any reason, but in this particular case it was especially deadly.
Black Apple Grove was like any other town in existence but hid a very dark secret at it's core that had never been discovered for over 50 years. It took someone like me, Lindsay Rickett to be born to investigate the candy company and uncover the deadly secret within it's walls. I was like any other normal teenager in Black Apple Grove. I hated school for the most part, wanted to rebel and rise up against authority and loved to stay out all night and party. But not even I could have imagined this deadly secret.

October 15th of 1994, I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends when something terribly strange had happened and I was startled along with some of my other girlfriends. We were just hanging out in my girlfriend Riley Heidelwatch's car. Of course it wasn't HER car but she was the mayor's daughter and had access to pretty much anything she desired so it worked for us. We were just reclined and relaxing in the car talking about the usual stuff - boys, clothes, shopping the normal as we chewed on some of Black Apple Grove's popular candy, and my girlfriend Paula Klauseivich had noticed someone in the distance running toward us in a shocked, raged state and we all panicked. We didn't know what to do or how to react as seeing some person running at you from a distance kind of puts you in a trance.

When this raged person finally got to us they banged on the window, smearing blood all over the glass of my window; we were shouting at each other on what to do but in a panic all we did was lock the doors and wait for the maniac to get tired, run off or break the glass and then we would go from there. But he collapsed and fell to the ground and for the longest moment of my life, we sat there in silence trying to collect the information on what had just happened.
When we finally collected our thoughts, I was elected to open the door and see who this person was and ask them what is going on but when I opened the door they were gone. Who was this person? I had never seen this person in my life, even in a small town like this. We were all stunned and just started the car and drove off as quickly as possible.

We reached Riley's house and slowly and cautiously went inside. When all three of us were inside we locked the door, up to the dead bolt. We didn't know if that crazy person would come back again or not. That night, all three of us remained silent for the most part. It really startled and shocked us to the point where our mind would not drift into anything else.

The next morning all of us woke up and went down for some breakfast, feeling better and lesson panicked. Riley's father had went outside to retrieve something from the garage and came back inside quickly to question us on the blood. We all looked at each other then back to Riley's father and gave him the truth. That a man had ran from the woods last night covered in blood and banged on the window of the car until he mysteriously disappeared. We still weren't sure who that person even was and why he was covered in blood. Riley's father immediately called the sheriff to notify him of it but of course there isn't anything anyone can do without a name of this person or even a body so all the sheriff can do is keep an eye out for some mysterious behavior or this person.

Halloween was approaching and I was excited for the most part. I had planned to be a dead bride this year along with my girlfriends. I was going to be in a white dress, my friend Riley chose black and Paula chose red. We still had to buy the dresses and even all the fake blood and staining supplies to make it look authentic.
I had a terrible headache to start off my day like I get almost every time I eat sugar so I try to avoid a lot of it as I just dont feel like myself when I consume it so I stopped home to grab some aspirin before heading to the mall with my girlfriends to pick up our stuff for our Halloween costumes.

We arrived at the mall and we're super excited about it until we saw an angry woman shouting at a cashier in the food court about being ripped off for something. Paula commented on how some people just need to relax once in awhile and not be so serious about stuff. I agreed with her and we just kept walking. Riley seemed a bit distant today, she just kept munching on the candy she seemed to carry in her pocket a lot lately. She favored the black apple candy's called "Apple Tar" more than any other flavor. I never knew why as it tasted like a green apple and black licorice mixture. Yuck!

After picking up our stuff at the mall we continued to the car and decided to stop for a meal at a local diner called Lowell's Chicken & Biscuits. It was similar to that chicken place mostly known in major cities, "Popeye's Chicken".
After we ate we decided to head back to Riley's house to start on our costumes. Halloween wasn't too far off and I wanted to be finished with my costume before Halloween approached any closer because I wasn't sure what my family had planned for any of it. When we got to Riley's I ran to the bathroom as Riley and Paula set up the supplies and dresses. I heard shouting and ran from the bathroom and saw Riley choking Paula and had no idea what was going on. I asked Riley to calm down and explain what was going on. She let Paula go and stormed off in a rage so I asked Paula. She said she had asked Riley to grab some sodas for them and she got furious and begin to choke Paula. We were both puzzled at her behavior and I had mentioned to Paula, ever since she had been eating those candy's, shes been especially angry and irritable. Paula still wasn't sure what to say as she was still trying to gather what had just happened. Weird.

Over the next few days I had noticed as more people begin to munch on this candy, the more irritable people seem to get. It happens every year around Halloween and I hadn't thought much of it until recently. I was curious as to why candy can make people seem so angry when usually sweets make people happy. I knew crime and arrogance was among the human race but why does it seem to increase around Halloween to a dramatic level?
I did some research on what stimulates anger in the brain and nothing about candy came up in the results. I decided to ask my dad if I could have a tour of the Black Apple Candy Company as he is the Floor Manager. He agreed happily and that day I visited, I found out for sure what was going on.

Most candy goes through certain processes but Black Apple Candy Company goes through an extra one I was not familiar with. Each candy piece goes through a process called "Special Coat." What was so special about it? I was determined to find out. My father wasn't really sure either but guessed a special kind of sugar coat that gives the candy's their special shine or sparkle.

I discovered through my research that the special coat they put on the candy's contains levels of something called "serotonin". The chemical that triggers anger in the brain, why would they put that in there? As I pondered it I was startled by the owner of the company entering his office I was in and ask me what I am doing spying in his computer. I told him I was just curious about the ingredients in their candy and he told me to leave immediately and it was none of my business and to eat the candy and mind my own like everyone else. Secretive much? But I didn't leave just yet before asking him why his candy has high levels of a chemical our brain produces called Serotonin. He became angry with me and threatened me. Telling me if I repeat anything I saw today, He would make sure my life wasn't as comfortable as it is now. Feeling worried and uncomfortable I just left his office and didn't repeat any of my findings until October 25th, 1994.

The night was chilling in itself. The breeze was especially cold so I knew I wouldn't be out much tonight from the beginning. The night begin like any other, everyone going about their business and winding down from a day of work. Who doesn't want to wind down and just relax after working so hard during the day? Riley, Paula and myself were out for some pizza and chatting about some funny videos we saw awhile back on a famous video site until I glanced over and saw a man shouting and pointing at a woman from across the road. I watched curiously until I saw him pull out a gun and press it against her head. I dropped my slice of pizza onto the table and hurried and ran outside flagging cars to stop as my eyes remain locked on the man and his gun. As I got to him I calmly told him to put down the gun and let the woman go, it's not worth it but all that did was force him to point his gun at me. I felt my heart skip a beat and drop thirty floors but I remained my posture and tried to talk him out of it. The police showed up in seconds from someone calling it in. Thank goodness for that, I let out a sigh of relief when the man dropped the gun after the officer shouted at him to put his hands up and drop the weapon. This man I knew and was surprised to see him act that way, He just turned forty-two and has owned the ice cream shop for over twenty years. Why would he act like this? He has always been a very nice, calm and collected person. The woman I didn't know, I was guessing she was visiting from out of town.

A few days later on October 27th, 1994 I heard Mr. Nimber had been committed to the Black Apple Asylum as he became non-responsive and when he was he would be paranoid and shout that someone was after him and tried to hurt himself many times. Mr. Nimber was a real fan of the Black Apple Candy's, another reason I believed I had to reveal what The Black Apple Candy Company was doing.

October 31st, 1994 was a night I will never forget as well as everyone else who resided in Black Apple Grove. It's the night of Halloween and the night Black Apple Grove was wiped off the map. This day I tried to reveal what Black Apple Candy Company had been doing for so many years, but I wish I had been more careful as I had no idea what I was up against.

October 31st, 1994 started off like any normal day besides the fact it was Halloween and everyone, especially children were excited about it. I was not as I knew what I was doing would forever change their image of Halloween. I had called Riley and ask to speak to her father, He spoke to me without any issues. I had told him what I found out about Black Apple Candy Company and he didn't believe me at first but agreed upon a meeting in the town square.

Around 7:00 pm on October 31st, 1994, everyone gathered in the town square and I was on the spot as all of their eyes looked up at me. Waiting to know what was so important I had to call together the town. I was nervous but it needed to be said. They deserved to know the truth. I explained The Black Apple Candy Company had been controlling us for years, they put serotonin in our candy, that fact alone was strange but even so, the dangerous levels they put in not only increased our anger as human beings but the long term exposure to it in the candy is why most residents end up in The Black Apple Asylum in their 40's and 50's. Everyone was stunned by this and told me I was a paranoid, crazy teenager and wrote me off. I stood there alone with a naive town and not a clue what to do.

I knew what I had to do, I ran off into the woods and made my way to The Black Apple Candy Company. It was a little after 7:30 pm so I knew no one would be there and rather at home getting dressed for Halloween. As I got there, I looked for any way inside without being spotted and I found my way, I saw a glimpse of light in a bottom window that looked to lead to a cellar. What I saw when I entered, the image will never leave my mind. I was frightened, angry, sad.... every emotion possible I felt in that moment. What I saw explained everything.

Standing in this room I had finally understood everything. How and why I no longer questioned. Around me were cages of people, or what once looked like people. Now they are mutations of what a human use to be. The skin of them looked and smelled like wet leather, with an added odor of curdled milk and rotten eggs. I was repelled and hurled after only being down there for a total of two minutes. They had patches of hair all over their body and looked rather calm and collected, not violent at all. I heard a slam and jumped, the second I did one of the mutants started to rattle its cage, the sound of a wind chime in a tornado storm was tamer than this thing. I heard someone shouting from above and heard them begin to run toward the stairs to come down here so I acted quick and found a place to hide behind a wooden wardrobe door. The man who I saw, I have never seen in all my life. He was dressed like a scientist, the usual white lab coat, crazy hair and smelled like he hadn't bathed in weeks. He was shouting at the mutant to calm down but he wouldn't, He kept on with his noise and grunting while staring directly into my direction. The scientist was curious to what he was looking at so he slowly approached me and I covered my mouth to prevent him from hearing me breathing when he was startled by another mutant beginning to make a lot of noise. He looked into my direction once more before giving up the fact that he cared what was over here.

I sat there for what felt like an hour but only turned out to be about 10 minutes until I finally felt it was safe to stand. I slowly walked toward the mutant, careful not to startle it so I wasn't attacked or triggered him to make such noise again. I examined this once human, for awhile. Studying what they had done to him. Why is he... or she like this? After about 5 minutes of examining it, I decided to look around to find evidence to support what I already knew and now my even more disturbing findings. I found my evidence within seconds. Files on every person who ever disappeared or was murdered. The mutants I currently was looking at were 5 people who disappeared over the course of the last 5 years. One person each year, each one on Halloween. In front of each cage was a notecard of their once name, lab name, identification number, genetic mutation and how long it took for them to mutate. I felt very sad for a moment and begin to cry, holding my hand to my face and leaned up against a table that had been in the middle of the room. I could not believe what had been done to these people, they were merely experiments and treated with such disrespect. I felt angrier than ever and it was my own anger, not some altered candy doing the job for me.

Going through all the information I gathered the facts. Black Apple Grove was merely an experiment and everyone that resided here was just that. An experiment. The candy rigged with Serotonin were slowly eaten over the years by people across the nation but especially eaten by the residents here in Black Apple Grove, and exposed for too long caused brain tumors and for people to lose touch with reality and them self. Halloween was a perfect time to do it as it surrounded ugliness of all types. The experiments of the people in the cages were not clear but I was determined to reveal it. As I shuffled papers into my arms I heard someone coming and tried to hide but he saw me and shouted, so I begin to try my escape back through where I had come in but I didn't make it. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the floor. He whispered one thing to me that sent chills down my spine in the creepiest voice you can imagine. "Experiment #191, female". I tried to escape but couldn't, I was powerless against this man who seemed to have superhuman powers and strength. He dragged me through the room into another room that attached to the one with the mutants in it. He opened a cage and threw me inside it, locked it and left without saying another word.

I tried to find a way out, but there was nothing. I shouted, screamed and even approached the stage of begging until the man came back with a needle filled with an orange liquid. He grabbed my arm and tried to stick it in my arm but I fought him, I screamed and kicked but it didn't help. He injected me with it and within minutes I felt angry, enraged and started to feel my ribs expanding. I was in so much pain and lay there in that cage trying to ask what I ever did wrong to deserve this fate. I had fell asleep after a few moments.
When I woke up I heard a man screaming in utter terror. I stood up real quick despite the pain I was experiencing. I heard the scream get closer and closer and begin to brace myself for whatever was coming my way until I felt a sharp pain in my side. I lay my hand on that spot and started to feel something move around under my rib cage. I was terrified and lifted my shirt to view the spot. It looked like something was growing inside my body and trying to get out through my rib cage. I was screaming in agony along with whoever else was screaming.

My screaming calmed when the pain felt numbed but the man finally entered the room who was screaming but what I saw could have triggered a heart attack for anyone. The man who was screaming was thrown over the shoulder of what looked like a 9 foot man, dressed in all black leather, dark black circles around his eyes with blood covering his sockets and dripping down his cheeks. I could not even see his eyeballs it was so dark. He also had what looked like a ball gag in his mouth but it was apart of him, stitched into his very flesh. It was like a ball of flesh and it pulsed with life. The smell of him made me swallow whatever saliva I had left before feeling the urge to vomit once again. The smell was the same as before like wet leather mixed in with curdled milk and rotten eggs, I could never get use to that vile smell.

The tall and disgusting man looked at me while he threw the screaming man to the floor. His eyes burning into my very soul, as if to say to me, "You're next." The tall man then swung his overpowering fist into the face of the screaming man and knocked him out cold. Afterwards putting him in another cage just to my left then exited the room.

Several hours passed before the man came to. I was still in pain and every minute that ticked by it seemed to get worse. Whatever was happening to me, I knew my fate was sealed. But I decided to put my own worries to the side and see how the man was. It was dark in the room so I hadn't seen his face yet but I whispered to him if he was alright. He answered back with a shaky voice, "Yes, who are you?" I explained what had happened to me and who I was and as he begin to feel comfortable he came more into the light and revealed who he was. He is a friend of mine from school, Konnor Palazzo. I asked him how he got here and he said he and some friends were wandering around the woods when Konnor was attacked, hit in the back of the head with what felt like a 2X4 but I he and I both knew it was that giant man that smelled like a bad date. In the middle of our conversation the sharp pain came back and it sent me into screaming agony again, This time it broke my skin and I could see it protruding through. It was beginning to mutate around my ribs and grow up the side of my body. Konnor was shocked and had no idea what to say but asked me what was happening to me and I explained the scientist who is here injected me with something and ever since then I have been in excruciating pain and now what looks like mutating. Konnor said he saw the people in the other room but only a glimpse and asked me if I knew what was being conducted down here. I explained what Black Apple Candy Company has been doing with their candy. Adding the chemical Serotonin into the candy and triggering rage on dangerously high levels. Every Halloween it gets worse of course because Halloween is the major candy holiday and everyone is consuming more and raising their serotonin levels. I also mentioned that my theory for the mutants and mutating people was also for serotonin levels but something else was going on here, something bigger with the mutating. I wasn't sure what but would soon find out.

After we finished discussing what was going on down here, I took a turn for the worst. Whatever was happening to me was escalating quickly. The growth that was growing out of my ribs and up my body begin to grow down the lower half of my body. Spreading like a diseased ridden vine. It was flesh colored and can easily have been mistaken for a limb. I looked to Konnor and explained to him he needs to find a way out and escape before they inject him with something next. He looked around but nothing looked promising but within seconds he was distracted when I screamed in the worst pain I had ever experienced. I fell to my knees again and hunched over. Another Growth busted through my other rib cage and grew rapidly up my side and down my leg like a fast forwarded version of my previous one. I was dieing from the amount of blood loss and becoming weaker. At my most vulnerable point and weakest the scientist entered the room again and retrieved me from my cage. I looked to Konnor and whispered softly, "Ko...nnor..." Trying not to choke on my blood I continued... "Please finish it for me if I dont make it, pr....o...mise m...e?" Konnor was in shock and couldn't even comprehend what was going but nodded while he caught his breath from all the commotion. I was carried away with the "Mad Scientist".

Character: -Konnor Palazzo-

Lindsay was gone and no where to be seen, I hadn't heard her in hours or seen her. I was beginning to think she was never returning but I kept hope.
After sitting and trying to catch up with all that has happened I thought of something. I remember I had just bought new sneakers for football season and the laces were almost like metal from how well they're made. I took one off and backed up to the back of the cage. I put my left foot up on one bar and my right up on the other with the shoelace wrapped around one bar between my legs and slowly balanced my weight until I was feet off the ground and only against the bars. I got a steady grip on the lace and pulled with all my might while jumping only slightly against the bars, attempting to snap the middle one. I can easily squeeze through that. "Thank you Coach Werner for the workouts!" I thought as I paused for a second before doing it again, and again, and again until finally it snapped. I fell on my ass but stayed still for a moment just to listen if I caught the attention of anyone, even the mutants in the next room. All was silent. Good, I didn't draw any attention. I stood up and put my lace in my pocket before I squeezed through the hole I created and slowly crept to the door that separated me and the other room. Peeking through I didn't see anyone besides the mutants but should I risk them alerting anyone if they saw me? Are they violent? I don't know anything about these things besides their stench.

I looked around in the room I was in for any way out but I saw nothing so I had to take the risk. I collected myself for a second before slowly making my way through the room. They simply followed me with their eyes, I heard one grunt and immediately stopped in my tracks. I stood there for a long moment before moving again until I saw something on the floor that grabbed my attention. It was Lindsay's necklace atop what looked like documents. I read over them for a second, in complete utter shock from what was really going on down here. We are nothing but experiments for someones sick fantasy's of an army of Mutants who were immune to disease and common-day weaponry. What sick person would take humans and mutate them. The documents mentioned an Army that can take on anything and were basically Immortal to the most common attacks known in history. Halloween was the perfect time of year to abduct someone, people screaming is common on Halloween night. It's also good for taking your mutants for a walk to see how they react with society without alarming anyone. What I saw next made my skin turn white and all my blood stopped pumping to my most important organs. Scientist Name: Kevin Palazzo....

I fell to the floor and lost all muscle control with my body a pale white. Kevin Palazzo...My grand-father who had gone missing 15 years ago, when I was only 2 years old. He is the reason for all this? I continued to read further. It was difficult at times as the documents were covered in some brown and red stains but I could make out most of it. My grand-father didn't start this, but encouraged it and helped plan the falsified truth of his own death and disappearance just to assist the sick people who started this back in 1944. I dropped the papers as I sat there with my hands on the back of my head and rocked back and fourth in disbelief. I could not believe this. I was immediately snapped back to reality when I heard a scream.

The scream was Lindsay, he was torturing her, hurting her. -MY- grand-father was mutating someone I cared for and didn't have a care in the world for it. I was pissed and furious as I ran up the stairs full of adrenaline. I was pumped and ready to crack some skulls. I got upstairs and walked into a kitchen of sorts, I looked for the sharpest, most shiniest blade I could and picked it up. I could see my reflection in it, good enough for me. I slowly crept my way into the living room, hearing Lindsay's scream muffle the further I went in, I stopped. I was going the wrong way, I had to turn around. I turned around and immediately was greeted by an incoming bat to my face. I ducked quickly to avoid a cleave to the face before I was swung at again. It was that 9 foot monster that had carried me into the room before where I met up with Lindsay. I was raged and angry every time I heard her scream, the adrenaline was increasing with every second that passed. I finally slipped from my mind and turned into a monster of my own. I backed up and watched the 9 foot monster approach me, I looked around for somewhere to hide, somewhere to jump, somewhere to run! Nothing, there is nothing. He was getting closer and closer with every scream I heard of Lindsay's. I got it.

I spotted a shelf just to my left, it looked old and rusted but it was worth a shot. I jumped up on the shelf with my left foot and ran up the 9 foot monsters chest with my right foot and at the same time I put my body weight into one large lunge of the knife into the top of his head. He collapsed with me on the floor next to him. He wasn't moving, did I kill him? I dont know but I didn't have time to sit around and find out. I stood and ran to Lindsay as fast as I could but mid run, her screams stopped. I stopped. I stood there for a moment before slowly regaining speed into the next room. Nothing, no one is here but I could have swore Lindsay was in here. Her scream was right there, where did she go? There is no way she could be any further than here. I decided to risk it, she could be near.

Without anymore hesitation I called out her name, asking if she could hear me. I got no response for anything. It was complete dead silence, it unsettled me more than if that 9 foot monster were swinging a bat at me again. I kept searching the house to find any sign of her, of anything. I dont get it, where is she? I ran back downstairs to where the mutants were and they were even gone, what is going on here? I stood there for awhile, trying to gather my thoughts and figure out what my next step was. I got it! That 9 foot monster was still upstairs, I'm sure of it, I killed him myself. I bolted up the stairs to where I had killed him. He was even gone, not even a puddle of blood like before. I had failed Lindsay, her only request to finish this was not fulfilled and I dropped to my knees and cried for a long moment until I heard a womans scream. I jumped on my feet and ran toward it while shouting "Lindsay!" over and over but I never received an answer. I heard the scream again, its outside! I ran outside as fast as I could and what I witnessed made me feel happy but also dumbfounded, and my heart to fall to my feet. Lindsay was stood there, beautiful as ever, no mutation, no fear on her face...a smile in fact. She stretched her hand out to me and I slowly walked toward her with a smile on my face but I couldn't feel her hand. She was like a hallucination or a ghost. She dropped her hand and looked directly into my eyes and spoke to me. "Konnor, there is nothing else you can do here to improve the past situations. The scientist destroyed everything that could be evidence on what was going on down there. Except one thing I hid under a table. This is my request." I looked into her eyes and begged her for the request, "Yes, anything Lindsay, what is it?" She smiled again like an angel and spoke. "Retrieve it downstairs in the room where the mutants were held. The table under the window. Do all you can to reveal the experiments that went on down there." I nodded in agreement. "Lindsay where are you? I have to come find you." She smiled only softly at me before speaking. "There is nothing you can do to help me Konnor. I am alive but not the person I once was. Please fulfill my request." She started to fade away and within a few seconds she disappeared.

A few moments later I heard a helicopter from above. It was trying to land near me, what is going on. Is this a rescue? Two men dressed in what looked like SWAT team gear jumped out and grabbed me, pulling me into the helicopter. It was night so the light of the helicopter blinded me and I could not see anything else. I shouted at them, wondering what they wanted from me. They did not answer but continued to push me into the helicopter. When the helicopter took off I saw Black Apple grove go up into flames, it was like a forest fire ten-fold. I started shouting at the men and telling them what they're doing. They were killing hundreds of people that resided in that town. They can't hide the truth forever! One of the men smacked me in the back of the head with the butt of a gun and I was knocked out cold.

Days later I woke up in a red room. The walls were red, the furniture was red, even the floor was red. What is going on here? As soon I stood, three men walked into the room and restrained me down to the bed. I shouted and demanded to know what is going on and to let me go but they did not listen. They walked out of the room and left me there.

Hours later a man entered the room with a mask and un-restrained me and put chains around my ankles and wrists, pulling me by the shirt through a padded red hallway and lead me outside in the middle of what looked like a torched Black Apple Grove town square. In the middle of it was a chair, one chair with the words "Those That Shall Rebel, Shall Be Put To Death." I felt my heart speed up and begin to race. As I looked around me I saw everyone from my own town around me. Friends, classmates but not my family. Where is my family? Everyone was dressed in all red and standing in lines and crying but there wasn't anything, anyone could do. There were what looked to be hundreds of SWAT team dressed men with rifles. If anyone made a move they would be dead in seconds. I looked back to the chair and saw them putting a man in it and preparing him for what looked like death by electrocution. Why were they doing this to us? What did we do so horrible to be given this fate?

They continued to electrocute everyone, person by person. Piling the bodies next to the sides of the glass case that contained the chair. We were being treated like criminals but for what? What did we not obey? The man pushed me behind another person and I now was in line. I felt my heart getting faster and faster with every second that passed. I glanced to the back of the person in front of me and read "Subject 294". I moved to the side to glance at the person in front of him and read "Subject 293" on the back of her shirt. I must be "Subject 295." Subjects of what? I had to find a way out of here before It was my time and try to save whoever I could. I looked around for any opportunity to escape. I saw it.

One guard was lighting a cigarette and had leaned his gun against the wall, BINGO. I slowly moved to the side, trying not to be spotted then I struck. I turned and jumped in the air, kicking the man directly in the middle of the chest and knocking him to the ground. Wrapping the chain around my wrists, around the neck of another guard and snapping his neck then picking up the gun and shooting the other guard who spotted me in the chest, the next in the head until I felt a bullet enter through my shoulder from a distance. I fell to the ground but immediately got up and ran as far as I could through the torched woods. Stepping on rocks and making my feet bleed but that was the least of my worries at this point. I ran and ran until I found a place to hide. I sat there for hours.
I was bleeding and in need of immediate medical attention. I slowly stood to look around and see if it was safe but what I saw, what had to be 20 guards looking around the area I was in. I cant stand yet, I will be spotted. I waited until they cleared the area to stand and make another run for it. I ran until I saw a tunnel that lead into a sewer it looked like. I ran and ran until I saw no more light and stayed there until night fall.

I had fallen asleep and when I woke up I felt extreme pain in my shoulder and could still feel it bleeding. I need to get to a doctor before I die. I walked down the sewer and saw a light, I wasn't sure if I should walk toward it but I did anyway. When I got there I felt sick to my stomach. There was a room with a cage in the middle that contained a mutant. It was Lindsay.

I tried walking toward her and whispering "Lindsay" and she lashed out at me, full of anger. Her face looked like hers but her body was almost completely deformed. She had two flesh like limbs up her sides and multiples wrapped around her body and had a huge spiked tail. I vomited all over the floor while she was growling and making satanic noises at me. Lindsay was gone, she was officially dead. This was not her, it was some angry evil mutant. What did they do to her?

I left and finally found my way to another town where I received medical attention. I even told them what had happened but when other officials and myself arrived there. There was nothing that supported me. It was a scorched town that looked abandoned and empty with one chair in the middle. It was like a wasteland. Several years later it was tagged "Death Row Island" as a prison had been opened there for people on death row but the prison shut down after only a couple of years because of the bizarre stuff that occurred there. Un-explainable occurrences and now it's once again just another wasteland that no one ever visits unless they want to encounter paranormal stuff. What happened to Lindsay I'll never know but she is never forgotten, for how brave she was to stand up against it all when no one else would. I wish everyone had known about it but until this day, I remain on a quest to find out what happened to Lindsay, my family and anyone else who resided in Black Apple Grove.

Until we meet again Lindsay.

Would you dare to eat the candy from the Black Apple Candy Company? ;)

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